The folk prescription of purify senile plaque
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The folk prescription of purify senile plaque? There are a few small keys in the life, very effective 广州夜网论坛

to reducing senile plaque, senile friend mights as well try.

1, ginger: A variety of active part are contained in ginger, among them ginger hot element has the effect with very strong antagonism fat qualitative brown. Cut 5 grams Jiang Xi into completel上海品茶工作室

y piece or silk, bubble rushs 10 minutes in adding 250 milliliter boiling water, add one spoon again (about 10 milliliter)HoneyAgitate divide evenly, everyday drinkable a cup uninterrupted南漳微信小程序开发
, can reduce senile plaque apparently.

2, garlic: garlic slice, stick in senile plaque place, chafe repeatedly, till the skinHyperaemiaAglow till, use 3-5 everyday second, can reduce the happening of senile plaque.

3, outside besmear vegetable oil orSupport oneselfElement E: Vegetable oil contains rich vitamin E. Study a proof, vitamin R is a kind of relatively ideal antioxidant, can reduce pigment deposit, avoid cellular loss, defer organization and cellular ageing. Use plant oily a few or defeat thorn of vitamin E capsule, daub is in senile plaque place, daily 3.

4, whitened hairdressing pink: Watermelon benevolence 250 grams, sweet-scented上海水磨

osmanthus skin of 200 grams, tangerine 100 grams, grind in all delicate last stage, with rice water tone is taken after the meal, daily 3, every time 10 grams. Have whitened the action of dispel spot, apply to senile plaque patient.

5, black agaric pink: Black agaric is right amount, abluent bake dry for end, soup of daily eat postheat sends take 3 grams, can dispel is facial spot piece.

6, aubergine: Aubergine con上海品茶工作室

tains rich vitamin A, B1, C, D, protein and calcium, can make human body blood-vessel becomes soft. Aubergine still can come loose Yu, eat some of aubergine more, can reduce the odds of hemal embolism, reduce the formation of the deposit with fat qualitative brown and senile plaque.