Trainee how not " thunder " person
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In the morning at 9 o'clock, swarmed in the elevator of office building fast the office worker that be late. Nevertheless, the figure that you give a trainee very easily from the resolution in person caboodle -- no matter dress up,become what model, looking always is all over the face babyish did not take off, there is glasses on bridge of the nose, EyeBright however bright, unlike is other office worker is average the face does not have expression.

Trainee most is happy, also be terrified. Happy, because become,perhaps went up duty field is new person, although do not take what money, can imagine the duty field career that outlines future with actual and rather than at least. Terrified, because,be be swayed by considerations of gain and loss, fear err thing, be afraid of by person jest, fear show not beautiful loses employ chance.

Jump over terrified, performance is broken more easily accurate. Chat with the friend, somebody tells have a thunder person story about the trainee: Have a man student that jackarooes in media, follow senior correspondent to interview a of the TV station famous compere one of these day, tree of 8 bottles tall, jade faces its talented person wind, belong to little numerous image. Shoul东莞夜网

d see soon interview an object, this classmate excitement arrives lose one's head, before this compere is greeted, come at this moment, the face takes a smile to reach the right hand actively, grasp senior correspondent first, Grasp againThis classmate, when saying late, fast in those days, see this classmate mesmerizes only Fu body is kissed -- it is classic flower form actually ceremony of royal kiss hands! Compere shows be surprised scene when occasion, petrifaction of spot everybody instant.

Tell here, everybody laugh must walk unsteadily, someone says: "Two 东莞夜网
old men salute, much more barpque! " return somebody to say: "That compere is done not have on the spot faint has calculated. " as to that trainee the end later how, instead unmanned bother about. As we have learned, this classmate works to still calculate spare no effort at ordinary times, expression also ca东莞夜网
n be encircled can nod, make the thunder issue such as this, or because do not know gregarious ceremony,be, together with sees VIP stretchs his hand actively feel extremely flattered, be about to salute great of redound.

Actually, old people is 上海品茶工作室
opposite duty field the trainee's manner, most is good-tempered still. "Present child... what regulation does not understand, must handgrip hand ground teachs, get into trouble very easily otherwise. " scold inscrupulously to the trainee in the office nowadays " hellion " not much, most person still agrees to be able to bear or endure strength shows just a little.

I am for instance old younger sister jackarooes in a company, hit together with the manager rental go visitting a client, arrive at destination to take the lead in jumping down a car, stiff ground stands in roadside to waiting. After the manager pays Zhang to get off, say: "Comprehension is insufficient, do not suit to make a sale. Next time if mix,the client takes a car together, after getting off, should remember opening door to the client, understood? Understood??

Old younger sister on the spot petrifaction, come home to recount to me: "I want to be less than really, why does a schoolgirl give an old man to open door even? " I say, duty field does not divide a men and women, divide fluctuation level only, the director says rightly, these detail you had been close friends advertent, do not understand to ask more.

Old younger sister subdues the ground to say: "But the colleague is very busy, if I ask too much, everybody can disrelish me irritated. " in fact, although by the person irritated, it may not be a bad idea crosses everybody to become you nonexistent. On duty field, existence feels very important, the most celebrated thing with do not depend on you how much doing important, however it is important that you have many in people look.

The trainee is footy small part originally, want to become important in people look, can rely on act to learn from good examples cannily, frequently only ask wait for little detail, for instance time idea wants thing of very strong, consideration as far as possible considerate, right desert of leadership staff mouth, encounter do not understand to be consulted more some. In addition, no good of big mouth ten million.

Some TV station accepts one female trainee, every sky class speaks actively with producer, do not have a word to seek a word even, quite good also to other staff manner. Everybody feels this child has only someSedulous, also do not feel how. Some day, should give birth to abrupt deep sigh: "My father says to me, strive for speak at least with producer everyday, such ability are pulled close each other distance. Do you feel reasonable? Do you feel reasonable??

Everybody can'ts help laughing, you should be covered with producer be covered approximately, why lays bare among them essence? Such good fall上海品茶工作室
ing, the effort before all wastes do not say, still fall a difference judge -- " this child true thunder! Still fall a difference judge -- " this child true thunder!!

So, trainees, little speech, work more, little Lei Ren, think more, hey, you can become more important.

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