Why is the woman met frigidity? Feminine frigidity has 3 big
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A lot of people have bit of frigidity now, some people can arise to repellent mood is mixed and be tired of psychology to sexual life, cause thereby pas东莞夜网

sion and pleasure are lacked when of the same branch of a family, do东莞夜网
not have a bit interest to sexual life next. Because the psychological reason of frigidity is caused,actually this is, this is not the disease on physiology, the person that want pair of frigidity in daily life so has channel, but this looks be like accomplish very hard however simply, need very long period of time however. So, Why is the woman met frigidity?

1, actuating pressure is great: Causing frigidity cause generally speaking may be life pressure or actuating pressure is increased, a lot of people stay up late everyday now work, some people arrive even to work in the middle of the night two just slept at 3 o'clock, this is very bad, because such meetings bring about sexual desire,be worked by accumulation mountainous a bury, live sexual life without time at all that is to say. Still a few people think sexual life produces naturally, do not need oneself to be arranged actively, actually this kind of idea is wrong, because if you arrange time,go sexual life, the likelihood arrives you can discover mome东莞夜网

nt to have sexual desire.

2, psychosis is poor: Frigidity person do not have any interest to sexual life, because often appear,returning a likelihood is a few insecurity, Angst, the mood of be worried, below the mood that depresses for long possibly at a kind, can bring about pair of sexual life to do not have any interest. Generally speaking, male people thinks sexual life is a very happy thing, but not be in the idea of some a few females such, some females think sexual life thinks good physical strength must have abundant energy tale东莞夜网

nt to do quite, if some of female lies all the time in undesirable mood, the possibility can not generate a bit interest to sexual life.

3, of pleasure be short of break: Because the person that have some of frigidity is long-term pleasure cannot be found in sexual process, there often perhaps is the sentiment such as anger irri上海水磨

tated heart in sexual life process, bring about pair of sexual life likely to lose interest, if such circumstance cannot get improvement, so make very hard frigidity person mention to sexual life interest, actually this moment sexual love to frigidity person for it is a kind of anguish, so frigidity person reject sexual life.

Generally speaking, because physiology reason is caused because of psychological reason however,frigidity is not, want a patient to accept treatment actively only, when perhaps waiting for a patient to had waited for undesirable mood without angst, anger, this kind of circumstance can get ameliorative.

If oneself other in part appeared frigidity, must active channel, is not to force them, because if force frigidity person, the person that may bring about frigidity is right sexual life more and more carry do not have interest, find aptness only the remedial method of cool patient, next active channel, believe to be able to return to normal soon.