Abdominal distension exhaustion do you have these anile sign
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Cutaneous consenescence changes to be able to accompany signal appear, advertent you can be clear about these skin consenescence signal know body cutaneous consenescence changes, can better make remedy measure, so what do these skin consenescence signal have, how should remedy again, unship came along below.

1, all the year round hands or feet is icy

Hands or feet feels easily icy constantly, it is again good to calculate heat pr广州夜网论坛

eservation to be done also of no help, because human body begins to enter consenescence,this is metabolic speed can become very slow after level, hypodermic blood end cannot carry normally circularly change, be in place of limbs endmost brothers to become easily icy because of the consenescence of circulatory system so.

2, eat much dot to be metAbdominal distension

On food a bit carelessly, many somes of meat eats when dinner especially kind or it is high protein food can feel abdominal distension and afflictive, because function of intestines and stomach degrades,this als上海水磨

o is the body consenescence that cause is behaved.

3, the tongue feels dry

After entering anile phase when the body not on东莞夜网

ly sweat gland, sebaceous glands can degrade, help even pulverous saliva lubricant buccal salivary gland also can degrade, sense of tongue regular meeting is dry like sand paper thick cold.

4, there is listless feeling since morning

The body after through rectifying late rest Dan Chen rises feels listless as before, limb is fatigued and weak and faint, this explains the ability of get rid of the stale and take in the fresh of the body is abate, in Morpheus the body did not get adequately relaxation.

5, muscle joint feels inflexible constantly

The tissue fluid that muscle and articulatory deadlocked just have lubricant effect as a result of body interior is secreted decrease, the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine is what this kind of necessary liquid says " body fluid " , and the exudation of body fluid is met as body function degrade and short.

6, Eye"Do not open "

The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine often says " lienal advocate muscle " , be in constantly sleep the condition of eye Xing Song besides be concerned with Morpheus quality and skin flexibility, splenetic carries changing function also is mainer influencing factor.

7, tide of skin for no reason is red

Although not be sensitive skin,pledge, but佛山夜网

skin feels tide is red constantly however, be in especially dusk time all the more is apparent. Because the anile meeting of human body affects blood-vessel to answer,this is shrink function, blood-vessel is outspread, not only skin can become wet red, on skin originally question of not obvious red redness of skin also is met aggravate.

8, the pillow on the face im佛山夜网

prints prolonged not disappear

Sleep after getting up, the pillow of the extrude on the face imprints prolonged not disappear, because the flexibility of skin is abate,this is, stretch organization degrades thereby " memory ebbs " , need be pacified of longer ability of time skin grain normally.

9, appear as before with skin of again good beautiful white product " famished look "

Beautiful white product is aimed at the spot that produces because of melanin and problem of dark and gloomy only normally, but the color of skin that consenescence causes is sallow because skin,the problem is normally already by saccharification, use beautiful white product to have too ideal effect impossibly so.

10, difference of hue of skin of clean face around is very big

Skin fair-skinneds in vain it seems that after clean face fully, because corneous cell is below the condition of full water,this is can better refract the light, and if be before clean face or it is skin of the period of time after clean face becomes dark again dumb without light, skin with respect to the specification then store water ability has been affected because of consenescence.