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He makes violet night, it is little brother of sister of brother of emperor of act Yan country, the king that also is act Yan as form of a address for an official or rich man, be good at shiver.

Just, the world peace and tranquility does not have war, he can be in everyday only the capital is faineant.

A day, accidental sudden crank, changed a means to enter palace.

That ground is devious very, he lived ten years to had not come to that place in palace, he is looked at in disorder everywhere, was sucked by a form look.

See on the tree one beautiful figure only, it is optional very sit on the tree partly, of that person cool detachment look to him.

Violet night is stupefied is to cannot move.

Later, he asks, that is the imperial concubine of his emperor elder brother, it is the daughter that that poisonous Lang Meng seals third, because harm imperial concubine is infiltrated by the emperor limbo.

Later, he looks for her again, sent her a small black cat not only, still taking her to give limbo go for a walk circuit.

Of course, at this moment violet night does not know what he himself did.

He sends his rival in love in the bosom of the girl that he likes.

A lot of things produced again later, when dream appearance decides to leave, he also of honor permits no turning back went accordingly.

After all, act Yan does not have war, very peace and tranquility.

Just, arrived after clever garden, seem what to produced change, gradually, look at dream appearance to leave his further and further.

Stranger is, he besides at first sad and sad, to later be at ease, when be informed her to want get married.

He is sent from the heart feel happy for her.

Perhaps, he is enchanted to hers, from not be love at the beginning.

Just, recently, his look always cannot help falling on one individual body.

Came clever garden 9 years, former the miscarriage of small division elder sister with earthy lovely courtyard is bright, had been a girl of seventeen years old.

After from clever garden that catastrophe passes, small moon was brought up at a draught many, begin to try hard to repair refine desperately, still go learning medical skill with Xia Xiaoxiao.

The endowment of small nevertheless moon is not very good, so she paid others the effort of double, those who add drug of dream appearance red is auxiliary, she broke through half clever later period actually.

Look at her so hard, the lighted him the desire to do better with violet ineffable also night, also begin desperately Xiu Lian.

Small moon is in know this after the event, silent period of time, went looking for him.

“Violet night, hit with me ” small moon get up on one’s hind legs.

Violet night shakes his head at once, “Not, was defeated to do not have face, won indemonstrable also I am much fiercer “

Small moon beat removes cheek, it is vinegary very: “Scorn a person less “

Say direct draw, want to be hit with violet night.

Violet night is helpless very, be forced to cooperate her, fool a child to accompany her commonly to be being hit.

What small moon saw him is perfunctory, it is not happy very, wanting to give him fierce look.

Be in violet night did not guard against, miscarriage shines to asperse powder.

Violet night hastens and she maintains a distance, “The what thing that you drop? “The what thing that you drop??

The look atting of small moon with a smile on one’s face he, hum move ditty, “Do not tell you “

Finish one second, violet night feels all-overish was in on the ground, just consciousness is sober and clinking however, look at small moon to singing a song left.

Violet night secretly gnash one’s teeth, he remembered, you decided small moon to death.

Arrived all the time the following day, move of violet night ability, during when clever garden child is transient, the eyes that sees him is weird very.

Because of medical cause violet night cannot talk, can ferocious staring at transient person to look, want to warn them with this kind of means, let them shut up.

Apparent nevertheless the meaning that they did not know him, temporarily between, there is him to lie on the road in clever garden, eyes dreariness, had the thing that what ought not to have it seems that.

Violet night is accurate very, remembered miscarriage is bright.

Although two people are in earthy courtyard, but do not have overmuch contact.

He does not like children.

Where to know, in an instant she blossommed a girl, just this disposition or very be fed up with.

Thinking, violet night found small moon, hit with her again, without the meaning with perfunctory a bit, taught small moon a lesson already, did not leave heavy hand again.

Small moon is being squelched cruel hit, nevertheless besides some painful, also do not have the injury with serious what.

The eye sees had not hit, one buttock takes small moon begin to cry on the ground.

Violet night cool detachment looks at her to cry, “I do not play a woman, nevertheless, when ursine child should be taught a lesson, still want to be taught a lesson well “

Said to go, he goes, small moon also did not cry, there is tear on the face what is more,the rather that.

Look at the discovery that violet night leaves, cold face, “What ursine child, I am a woman, woman! Woman!!

Their Liang Zi was a knot to fall, in the day of after this, in their life much a person.

Obviously two people are held out to the person at ordinary times affable, a little aloof still.

Namely so two people, after be being come up against one case, change actually outside notching babyish.

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