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Approach country palace

Ling Guohuang palace is those who gave a name is difficult into, do not say those guard of keep goal first, sheet says the road in Ling Guohuang palace has on 1000, not famous alley is not to know how to many have more, calculated somebody to come in, also cannot reach the central point of whole palace, namely the abode of Wei Chi Hongze, if be in palace,be brought up only so, never had gotten what bayonet charge.

But have one person except, that is Ling Guosan emperor child, wei Chisheng.

Inside the study quiet, lady-in-waiting eunuch people air dare not vent, because there is that individual to be in inside house right now,not be, it is however before Wei Chi Hongze, they must such, fall otherwise momently their head is met move ground.

There is a Baiyi’s man before Wei Chi Hongze, man both hands hangs down at the body two side, hair coronal the hair him bundle case, young scrutiny goes, return the Chi Hongze that be the same as Wei some resemble.

Wei Chi Hongze saw man of one white garment, laugh, to his beck: “Sheng, come over, king letting father sees you well. King letting father sees you well..

But white garment man however the meaning that a bit should not change, just staring at Wei Chi Hongze.

The hand deadlocked of Wei Chi Hongze is in half sky, collect smile, laughed suddenly again, rise beside, the hand builds on his shoulder path: “Sheng ah, but father king gives you a help good big, how grouchy. How grouchy..

This ability had white garment man to react, leng Sheng: “Father king did what good work again. “Father king did what good work again..

Wei Chi Hongze is indifferent to white garment man this manner to him, still laughing to say: “Know for father you like that little girl, place goes with sending a person designedly for father snow country talks about a marriage.

Rise superior to of white garment man, it is not important to be like what what Wei Chi Hongze says, he hid actually in the hand below arm to be moved smally, very little, hong Zefa showed Dan Weichi.

“That little girl says, the father mother that you are not her already is not his husband more, just be the master stopped, help you become that husband of little girl for father nowadays, sheng father of Xie Wei of don’t mention it? ” path of chuckle of Wei Chi Hongze.

White garment man looks Xiangwei Chi Hongze, look at this him Zhang Yu extremely the face that resemble, feel the Bei in the heart is cool only however feel to fear again.

When Xue Ying says this word with him, only that castellan was heard, knowing Wei Chi Hongze is from why be informed, however no matter he is from why be informed, wei Chi Hongze accuses to his palm far get more even than what he imagines much.

And the sheng in Wei Chi mouth namely road sheng, the 3 emperor that road sheng is Ling Guo not only child, also be sheng of palm door road, in Ling Guoshi he calls Wei Chisheng, when Ling Shan he calls road sheng, just this extremely rare person knows.

“That still is to want king of many thanks father really. ” path of road sheng gnash one’s teeth.

Wei Chi Hongze sees the anger in road sheng eye is masked hard, laughed a few times, face about sits on step.

“So the group goes cut her person is you. ” road sheng continues.

Just now he received the charm that they transmit graceful frost, came when even if palace, besides Wei Chi Hongze, he does not know to who still can do it to Xue Ying really.

Head of Wei Chi Hongze side places a hand, subsequently: “Can be called cut how, xue Ying future also is emperor the wife of a prince of Ling Guo, I are infer sees his daughter-in-law stopped only, just call a person to invite her so, be at ease, I won’t be right her how, cross you a few days to be able to see her. Cross you a few days to be able to see her..

Road sheng is heavy next hearts, go by to sit in Wei Chi Hongze body byway: “Father king concludes I can marry her so. “Father king concludes I can marry her so..

“You are met. “You are met..

Wei Chi Hongze hesitates none.

Again subsequently: “If you do not wish to marry, also just as well, age of your 5 emperor younger brother is the same as Xue Ying similar, letting them place marriage also is meddlesome. Letting them place marriage also is meddlesome..

Road sheng is cold hum one, complexion strange difference.

Wei Chi Hongze laughs: “Know for father you are hated to part with. “Know for father you are hated to part with..

“Father Wang Xiang is much. ” road sheng stop talking is denied, be on bad terms namely Wei Chi Hongze admits him to like Xue Ying.

“Be, that treats as is me want much, nevertheless imperial edict already fell, close to be not answered. ” chuckle of Wei Chi Hongze one.

Actually road sheng admits he is absent, road sheng is heart Yue that woman he is early what probe is as clear as day, just be this to exploring road sheng has many to like that woman to stop.

A long time, 2 people did not talk.

“Next a legendary venomous insect cannot save her. “Next a legendary venomous insect cannot save her..

Abrupt, road sheng looks at Wei Chi Hongze to seriously.

Do not see Wei Chi Hongze now a pair of smiling face, this laughs at actually one minute to also be done not have sincerely, laughed at the camouflage that is him only to stop.

“Why be saved, many what bug of this a legendary venomous insect can do than you. ” Wei Chi Hongze is laughing to as before.

“Bug of again fierce a legendary venomous insect also cannot save her, father king you are early this are clear. ” road sheng grew to sigh longly at a heat, these Hong Zeyi is looking for year of Lai Weichi continuously all sorts of methods want bring back to life she, but was not used, did not use.

“Mother hind had gone. ” road sheng path.

Smiling face of Wei Chi Hongze no longer, was to laugh a few times in a low voice first, stand up subsequently yock, a tear is in canthus below candle power especially apparent.

“It is my good son really! ” Wei Chi Hongze says, abrupt clutch lives the neck of road sheng, look aside lady-in-waiting eunuch is frightened defeated bravery, “Flop ” genuflect is on the ground, what the head buries is low, keep however in brain thinking, how to a moment ago return well, abrupt such.

Road sheng by Wei Chi Hongze such clutch are worn, the face is very fast aglow, but he does not revolt however, continue: “Not again obstinately stick to a wrong course, let off those people. Let off those people..

“Shut up! ” Wei Chi Hong Zeshuang eye is aglow, just like a crazy gigantic animal, aloud.

Back-to-back path: “Crooked teachs you wholeheartedly after your mother, are you so redound her? ! You tell me, you still can remember her die for who! You still can remember her die for who!!

Listen to this, road sheng closes a key point bitterly, firm of double eyebrow firm is pursy, the body quivers ceaselessly: “I remember, mother hind is dead for me. Mother hind is dead for me..

“So you still remember her die for you, my nearly thinks you are cruel and unscrupulous forgot these, what remember you only is small prentice! ” Wei Chi Hongze chants, respecting she is when dying for road sheng, how doesn’t the rancor of eye ground also hide.

It is adv unimaginably really, two such people are one’s own father and son unexpectedly.

Road sheng opens open his eyes: “I remember her, remember forever. Remember forever..

This is his sad part, on one paragraph of memory always can emerge here every time…

He is small still when dying after the mother, nevertheless 5 years old stopped, want in those days, he with before of this individual or some the real situation.

For a long time got married to just have him with father king in those days after the mother, he is sealed 3 years old to be prince, although Wei Chi Hongze is all along right he is severe, constant also however care sends one’s respects to him, he has a mother to be very fond of again in those days, again father is being protected, compared with good now how much to know.

Because Wei Chi Hongze is valued to his,can be, drew on a fatal disaster to him…

Mother… blocked one sword for him, na Yijian is piercing maternal chest, she is so bloody fall in him before, wake to come nevertheless forever.

A surge of great fury of Wei Chi Hongze, kill assassin and find the person that the behind the curtain is incited, make its the whole family complete destroy, it is nevertheless such, also cannot appease the fury in Wei late Hong Zexin and anguish as before, then Wei Chi Hongze turns the rancor of one part on his body, these he knows, also sufferring this rancor to make old.

Even if Wei Chi Hongze is atrocious,come so extremely, yin Qing is errant, often beat and scold to him incite him to do all sorts of businesses, he never revolts.

But affection of father and son, it is to do not have after all.

Wei Chi Hongze is done not have maternal bury, built a penetralia secretly however, that penetralia chill is clinking, the ordinary person goes in to be able to freeze to death momently in that, but with will save a body is again good however nevertheless, to can revive she, wei Chi Hongze expends a lot of energy, all sorts of method had tried, the life that injure a person is common occurrence more, although he becomes aware inappropriate, but always open an eye to be shut, so calculated in the past.

But he or small look Wei Chi Hongze, what did not think of his have the impertinence to do sth risks the world is big do not be, with so sinister way.

And do not say this method is used, can succeed finally, but dead person certainly won’t be little.

Reason this, he won’t look on indifferently this again, he must prevent Wei Chi Hongze, otherwise how should common people of this the world pass.

“Best and such. ” Wei Chi Hongze is cold hum, unlock road sheng.

Road sheng coughed a few times, the face that fair-skinneds in vain originally at the moment more white, calculate already going up is ghastly, visible Wei Chi Hongze is soft without the heart.

Of one’s own how? He does not care.

“This matter need not you are in charge of, you need to had done that thing to go only, if you are not obedient, can want to think you that small prentice… ” the eye since Wei Chi Hongze narrow one’s eyes, browbeat.

“Cannot continue. ” road sheng shakes his head.

Bug of that a legendary venomous insect can be what good thing, at the outset why does he stay a hand? Coming is he cannot bear at the heart, 2 it is this thing it is honest it is insidious, take person soul, sound terrible, can take the spirit of the person that place of bug of a legendary venomous insect needs not only actually, the person that does bug accusing a legendary venomous insect repeatedly also can be harmed.

If he does not have a bad shot, the person that does bug accusing a legendary venomous insect is Wei Chi Hongze.

Everybody is at ease because of Wei Chi Hongze, all along of her its Wei Chi Hongze is him relative strength is in person.

“Need not you are in charge of. “Need not you are in charge of..

“Cannot continue! “Cannot continue!!

“I said! Need not you are in charge of! Need not you are in charge of!!

2 people are quarrelling, palace the head of people is smaller, wish to look for a ground to seam get, everybody loses sight of oneself.

What can these two be good those who offend advocate, as expected, this is portion drudgery, is salary much how? That also must look the life is enjoyed.

Make a fist of Wei Chi Hongze, bone gives out noise, chi Hongze of Wei of make no doubt of meets road sheng start work killed him.

“Boil. “Boil..

Wei Chi Hongze is pressing fury to.

Except road sheng returns some function, he cannot move him, such dog thing he is early stab him to death with respect to one sword!

“Father king both neither collects a hand, do not blame official is discourteous. ” road sheng rise superior to, be determined to want to prevent Wei Chi Hongze.

Wei Chi Hongze is enraged sneer a few times, slightly side head path: “Sheng there’s no one who doesn’t or isn’t was to forget where that little girl still is, you if dare obstruct I, that little girl also does not miss work. That little girl also does not miss work..

Road sheng one deadlocked, other places just forgot this thing unexpectedly.

Wei Chi Hongze knows Yu Xueying of his heart Yue, know he won’t look at Xue Ying to have an accident, handle of such one one or two is held to be in the hand by Wei Chi Hongze unexpectedly, it is uneasy that the day of in the future is afraid of.

He ought not to his mind disturbed to Xue Ying, many somes more ironhearted good.

“Sheng can want to be clear about, it is those coarse every husband common child important, still be you that lively and lovely small prentice and important. ” the say that Wei Chi Hongze does not take a bit to rise and fall.

Road sheng become silent is worn, kink is divided extremely in the heart, actually originally he also is for her can renascent laborious idea, but since encounter Xue Ying…

“If I provide this job no longer, do you let off her? ” road sheng looks up.

“Natural. ” want her to be able to come over alive only, xue Ying is living also have not cannot.

Wei Chi Hongze says this word in the heart from the back.

All premise have only, that is that the individual can come over alive.

“Good, I promise you, have a hand in this matter no longer. ” road sheng path.

Wei Chi Hongze listens this shows smiling face, asked about road sheng these to the time passes how, produced what job, listen to move and common father and son to be not had different, gong Ren people this ability loosened at a heat, anyhow, their life is to be protected.

It is this only the portion is harmonious in a few minutes of true and false, that has them only each other just understood.

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