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Person of pointed face male group is hearing their talk of 2 people, know the relationship is not easy between them probably, moreover this black large is appearing celestial being to enrage up and down all over, perhaps that woman is a beloved daughter of home of which celestial being, nowadays bewitching bound unmanned back up, if displeased day a group of things with common features again, be afraid should not eat to moving round to go really.

He made to at hand stealthily a hint given with the eyes, be about to take the advantage of 2 people between conversation secretly shirk, but he is firm face about goes, the man that makes Wu Shuo discovered him.

“Corvine essence, do you want to run? Do you want to run??

Pointed face male hear this word, pupil not by magnified one times, he is biting a tooth to knitting brows, the chuckle that finger is held makes sound.

His this all one’s life most be fed up with others to call his crow essence of life!

“I want to put you originally one horse, but you too do not know no matter in what way, now, I let you know a mouth not choose character is to should pay price! I let you know a mouth not choose character is to should pay price!!

“Oh? Be? Is then you let me look to want me what to kind of price pay? Is then you let me look to want me what to kind of price pay??

Wu Shuo is saying at the same time, at the same time will first the dress on 10 bodies approach approach, corvine essence looks not to get the manner that he despises so, made take out a dark feather fan from the bosom quite.

“Your this fan is pretty good, otherwise borrows me to play two days, anyway, the feather on your body is much is, alarming redo! Alarming redo!!

Wu Shuo continues to take utterance to stimulate him, corvine essence listens this word, lighted anger apogee as expected.

“I see you is court death! “I see you is court death!!

At the moment where is he still considered on what day bound of a group of things with common features bewitching, he wanted to kill the black large hate with discharge mind only.

Feather fan is wanton in his hand break up fly, blast fierce wind is placing sand block forward Wu Shuo raze, black large chuckle, tiptoe was being taken first 10 hid, then he is urged use effective power, the palm decency that roll out was shot into a path sharp.

Originally he does not plan to embarrass now this crow essence, wanting to help next women only give u, but who ever thought this woman is to just changed adult form unexpectedly first 10, wu Shuo should think of only just now the skin that he has touched her with the hand, he feels a fury burns mind continuously.

A few bouts come down, corvine essence already enemy nevertheless, bend over to panting on the ground, a few people behind him do not know when already be defeated and flee, he is struggling to want to sheer Wu Shuo’s attack forcibly.

“Black large elder brother, I am afraid of! I am afraid of!!

Be protected all the time by Wu Shuo in the bosom first the 10 arms that help him stealthily, she is in headrest his wind place, a pair of eyes slightly narrow one’s eyes is worn, dare open not quite.

Wu Shuo knows is before bloody let her have some unwell, original plan gives out he of deadly finally biff is unripe however unripe halted a hand.

“First 10 good, I this takes you! I this takes you!!

He is dabbing her shoulder is comforted, say to the corvine essence that is about to die on the ground again at the same time:

“I put you now one horse, be like later dare bully puny woman again, my deciding lets your ash flying smoke destroy metempsychosis! My deciding lets your ash flying smoke destroy metempsychosis!!

“Be be, small not dare, again also not dare… “

Corvine essence boils repeatedly belt climb disappear in far, wu Shuo lowers his head to see Xiang Huaili first 10, she actually already sleep deeply in the past.

The one place with the softest bottom of the heart appears by what thing lay a finger on, slightly the feeling arrived deeply it seems that again however in one’s heart, he is subliminal close arm, for fear that he loosens, like conceiving the woman in to be able to disappear.

He will 10 safety remanded first racoon dog is little the abode of 9, but one person is not had for nothing below the tree on the tree. Taking a nap old tree essence is made a noise to wake, he is confused look, identified Wu Shuo it seems that.

“Youth, you are to look for small A of 9, her kitten Mi goes lost, she went searching, at the moment, should be answered quickly also! Should be answered quickly also!!

First 11 listening to her is to look for his, immediately ashamed regret rises.

“Black large elder brother, we go to otherwise find A woman, in case did she also meet bad person how to do? In case did she also meet bad person how to do??

“Good, I take you to go together! I take you to go together!!

Holding in the arms in the bosom first 10, wu Shuo has some of feeling that fondle admiringly actually, he understands a little it seems that, those day highness why always racoon dog small 9 belts are beside.

“Do you know your A woman was to search you where? “Do you know your A woman was to search you where??

“She should be to go bare deep and remote limit… “

Think of here, first 10 feel very ashamed remorses, because oneself are gluttonous, can’t help killing him within an inch of to be bullied by hellion, still complicity A woman did not return up to now, also do not know she does not search herself can anxious.

Wu Shuo asks a circumstance clear, taking first 10 past bare is deep and remote before preparing to leave limit, but his chela just was moved, transmit nearby with respect to an animal growl.

“Tian Na, it is that old lion. It is that old lion..

“Are you to say demon collect? “Are you to say demon collect??

First 11 hear that sound to be frightened so that go to continuously hide in Wu Shuohuai, wu Shuo comforts her at the same time, quickened pace at the same time.

He comes this bewitching bound, it is Fei of a hunderd li bades will check explore demon of that bewitching animal collect, still fear that bewitching animal can resemble before him hide at shadow have no way to search him like former days, looking now is a the main chance.

Arrived by the side of Qing arenaceous river, wu Shuo goes without rapid move bare deep and remote limit, his discovery does not know when to leave unexpectedly in that Qing arenaceous river gave a kind of very barpque flower, that flower does not have a leaf without the root, leaf is nearly transparent sending however slightly effeminate light.

“First 10, can be you known is this why content? Can be you known is this why content??

“First 10 do not understand! ” first 10 shake his head embarrassedly say, her one’s voice in speech just fell, transmit suddenly after one’s death.

“Are you He Ren? “Are you He Ren??

First 10 raised vigilance to make gesture of a pair of defence immediately, it is at the moment in her heart, besides A woman and Wu Shuo, the others is hellion entirely.

That person looks her so about not by deepened a smile, ripple to come in corners of the mouth immediately to shallow pear eddy, first 10 can’t help some are slow-witted be stupefied.

“Black large elder brother, it is female that you say he is male after all? It is female that you say he is male after all??

She asked in a low voice in side of black large side sentence, wu Shuo also of muddled shake one’s head. That person skin is smooth and exquisite, the eyes is glittering and translucent and clear, but he wears men’s clothing however, raise one’s hand is cast sufficient all also show man spirit, so, really bad still to differentiate!

He also discovered those bizarre flowers in Qing arenaceous river it seems that, eye ground shows a rapture, from first 10 with Wu Shuo 2 person edge directly and too straight edge going straight towards a river, he still has a flock of people to also showed same bearing to follow to go up all the way after one’s death.

Such act lets first 10 can’t help more interrogative, she pulls a Wu Shuo to go to the side of that person, start to talk again ask:

“Who are you after all, the flower in this water can be you known? The flower in this water can be you known??

He does not have the doubt of 10 first answer, from the move that consider pace pace goes to the side of the river to stretch one’s hand scooped a flower.

Strange is that flower left after water, actually ineffable in the centre of the palm that disappears in him, he puts the hand backwater again in, that flower encountered water to show a body to come again.

“This is not a flower, it is glacial firebug, the holy content of our bewitching bound! The holy content of our bewitching bound!!

“Is this glacial firebug? Be to say it already as bewitching king was die and eradicated? Be to say it already as bewitching king was die and eradicated??

Wu Shuo feels very strange, this ice firebug is a kind of clever bug, the blood that is king relying on bewitching allegedly irrigates ability grows to live, it disappears after bewitching king is dead disappeared, how can you meet again nowadays appear in Qing arenaceous river?

” is your bewitching king renascent? ” is your bewitching king renascent??

“I am going up one dug unexpectedly. “I am going up one dug unexpectedly..

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