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Should won’t be to just peek was Xiao Haocheng discovered by him? Instant of the marriage that consider fat did not have bottom gas, she begins to fear Xiao Zi died young, this person not only overbearing and overbearing, eat a vinegar to come repeatedly one is assured and bold with justice, none reasonable. The marriage that consider fat does not plan and he comes hard, what confront the tough with toughness gets hurt finally still is herself.

She was changed extremely gentle but the person’s appearance, charming sound delicate language, “King father, slave home is wrong, you excuse slave home. ” the buys Xiao Zi to die young garment part that saying she is symbolistic, continue, “I am sent 4 also will not visit little elder brother again henceforth, other man has gone beside me, I am uniform outfit is blind. ” saying to died young to delimit with hand comparing at the moment in Xiao Zi at the same time at the same time ” 4 ” .

Did not wait for Xiao Zi die young to send a word, the marriage that consider fat stretchs double arm to be about to come to him greatly Xiong Bao.

Pillow leans on the shoulder that Xiao Zi dies young, she is stroking his back gently, xiao Zi die young is very satisfactory also her this ” impawn ” did not give character punish again she.

The smiling expression that considers fat marriage face suddenly to go up is parting, exchanged the look of a pair of Yin Xie. You a bottle pulling oil, do not hamper this uncle upgrades dozen strange. Idea of the marriage that consider fat is thinking so so, she the knife since a hand falls, on the neck after one palm is hit in what Xiao Zi dies young, immediately Xiao Zi died young to be hit nerve, faint on the ground.

She sat on bed edge edge, look at countenance the Xiao Yiyan of ghastly lock double eye, staring at what there is different light then on the artifice to get together again fetch catenary, for a long time cannot leave a decision. Familiar systematic clew sound rang in the head at this moment, “Congratulation you, fractional collect is at present neat 3, current effective power repairs for: Golden red grade. The system upgrades in, please later. Please later..

Not a long time, the sound that appears in head of the marriage that consider fat became a standard too sound, also changed even appellation.

“Congratulation small fat marriage, current system version 2 edition. ” one’s voice in speech did not fall, appear in the marriage that consider fat the fox that before is white of a brushy snow. The marriage that consider fat holds it in the arms case, knead vulpine wool, satisfactory path, “Cannot think of systematic version is more advanced the stage property that make is so true also ah, still can move Ye. Still can move Ye..

Vulpine twitch one’s mouth, say, “Not be prop, I am true, you can call me hammer. Small fat marriage. Small fat marriage..

The marriage that consider fat hears its name, cannot help wanting to laugh, but the name that hears it to call its, have some of life again, then she says, “I call you a hammer, you call a name to make a name, a small character is being summed in front is a few meanings, this uncle. . . . . . Cough, listen was clear about this girl is to take wind of bully gas Leng Yan. You a Sa Ma Ye. You a Sa Ma Ye..

Small fox goes up to bed edge very quickly, lick oneself claw, say, “This system is not Sa Ma Ye, it is a fox, the fox of blood relationship simple good people! You a jackass kind. You a jackass kind..

The marriage that consider fat is unwilling also path of give the impression of weakness, “Call a letter not to believe me to break your leg again, the word that does not believe can have a try. The word that does not believe can have a try..

Then one fox is in one person it is good that prince quarrelled in bedroom hall half constellation, be stupefied is nobody is heard, also nobody is rushed into come.

The marriage that consider fat sits on bed edge edge, look at toxic send deep Xiao Yiyan, look again insensible the Xiao Zi that does not rise dies young, she asks it, “Hammer, you say how to do now, otherwise should save him. Otherwise should save him..

Small fox, “Save, must save. Don’t you think what your task is? Don’t you think what your task is??

The marriage that consider fat pondered to say, “Task of the masterstroke that finish, collect a fragment. Collect a fragment..

Small fox: “Right, one of masterstroke tasks collect a fragment namely. , the fragment is not now before. The fragment is not now before..

The marriage that consider fat is a little hesitant, she, “But. . . . . . ..

Small fox: “You are at ease, calculate your bring back to life Xiao Yiyan, last emperor still Xiao Zi dies young, did you forget the final result with final origianl work, that also is to need the gut of classics ah. That also is to need the gut of classics ah..

What is final final result, consider can not know, see origianl work ” in serialize ” when the heart that he wanted to rip computer had, see nevertheless newest when those who update is paragraphic, it is male that he is written down really advocate Xiao Zi die young ascended throne, the sound of female client (the marriage that consider fat) still became demon to weigh the Supreme Being. Want wicked bright ah.

Had not arrived apparently now at that time, some hole in the book still must rely on Gu Dalai to perfect, he thinks say, “Good, I save him. ” to finish masterstroke job, to get more integral, also to leave this world as early as possible.

Effective power gathers in palm of the marriage that consider fat, silent is missing cuss part, “Spirit of heaven and earth is angry, everythings on earth is honour, listen to me your, awake! ” see the whole body in the marriage that consider fat and Xiao Yiyan is enveloping only weak aureate spirit flows, xiao Yiyan is slowly goggle, in operation of the marriage that consider fat force of the spirit inside body and its 4 eye are opposite, after that two people close a key point at the same time, consider way of fat marriage heart, “Come, the truth that lets me see a thing if why. The truth that lets me see a thing if why..

Fractional different changes, poison is driven, close mother envenom, hang oneself commits suicide this one no matter concern incorporeal fragment, still be the thing of Xiao Yiyan mother, let consider fat marriage to indissoluble, what dare affirm nevertheless is this a few person sure have connection. ?

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