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Gu Zhiyin feels the chest that Xiao Zi dies young helplessly, “Good, we look first have a competition, I had promised an aunt to want to be leisurely find beautiful husband, wait for me to see this like that below Wang Dian how. Wait for me to see this like that below Wang Dian how..

Xiao Zi die young is like is was persuaded by her, unlocked Gu Zhiyin, turn and handhold her hand says, “Behavior of 10 younger brother is good, facial features is regular, sword law also is dark red country of count as one of the best, deserve to go up leisurely. You are at ease, this has a competition 10 younger brother win decided. This has a competition 10 younger brother win decided..

Although Gu Zhiyin is the opinion that hearing Xiao Zi to die young, but be at ease as before in her heart no less than, just the bulky man that body body armed strength plays on bad component, be called by this ” Zhu Yaoqing ” big fellow is weighed to put down, the son of a feudal prince or high official of noble of other imperial family that with him body form is having Yun Ni this that now, how can be his adversary, light person serious injury is deformed, injury of the person that weigh reachs life. But be latter likely in light of the systematic information that is informed before according to Gu Zhiyin.

The Xiao Hao that Gu Zhiyin looked at easy to do ground to sheer Zhu Yaoqing to atttack like that, the meeting such as the move keeps thinking about all the time however in the heart how cure him. “Can you use pretty power how? Take your weapon, of our the real thing compare. ” Xiao Hao like that sound rings in air.

“As it happens, fencing of highness of king of early Wen Ran Oh, zhu Mou has favour and dispute of highness compare notes, highness is received please action! ” say not to know from where fetch the weapon like two handles sledge, below one second attacks Xiao Hao continuously like that. Xiao Hao has preparation early like that, he pulled out on scabbard quarter have ” cry kite ” the yataghan of 2 words, issueing flashy Xiao Hao like that cry the two handles sledge of kite sword and Zhu Yaoqing hit an encounter, between flint of light produced by electricity, zhu Yaoqing is in ahull apparently, and Na Gongyi waves waving man, it is to handle such adversary be more than equal to a task however.

Xiao Hao is like swallow gently to get personally like that, the garment is placed along with wind, below the attack that indissolubles in one court action of Zhu Yaoqing, laughing to jokingly as before, “You this is no good, click of the tongue of click of the tongue.

“Grand like that elder brother, fencing the first! Grand like that I like the elder brother you! ” the leisurely that consider swing looks at Xiao Hao like that body appearance and fencing, she liberated a nature thoroughly, cry out suddenly namely to the arena on boost the morale of, perfect no matter lady-in-waiting slaves girl steal steal murmurous.

Gu Zhiyin is listening the loud cry that vermicelli made from bean starch of the incomplete that nod a head contains outside this strong confess, she must admire Gu You leisurely is so free and easy in archaic society, face the courage that favorite person dares to profession. And over arena the response of that person, also did not call her disappointment really.

Xiao Hao like that: “Leisurely, wait for me, I this marries you. I this marries you..

This a public occasion drops the operation of dog food, it is to admire as expected evil spirit other people ah. Gu Zhiyin also feels to lie between empty propaganda to the enemy at the front line to hold out romance really so, perhaps can receive the blessing of more person. She murmurred sentence, “So true good, they are met certainly together happy. ” her voice is not big not little just in time is died young to hear by Xiao Zi, he pulls Gu Zhiyin another times into the bosom in, murmur, “Can you also are opposite so this king? “Can you also are opposite so this king??

Gu Zhiyin is shallow laugh, “Have not cannot. “Have not cannot..

“Phut! Blare.

Gu Zhiyin sees far has the smoke of posse black red, size.

Wait for when wanting scrutiny, listen so that upload the sound that come from arena, immediately saw Xiao Hao falls on the ground like that, it is the crowd emerges then the voice that use:

“Like that below Wang Dian, you how, like that king highness wakes quickly. Like that king highness wakes quickly..

“Got hurt below Wang Dian like that, infect imperial physician quickly! Infect imperial physician quickly!!

“Grand like that elder brother, grand like that how do you meet the elder brother. . . Do not frighten me. . . . ..

“. . . . . . . . . . . ..

Gu Zhiyin and immediately of Xiao Zi die young also come up and down from the stage that watch fight, come to Xiao Hao like that beside, look at the person that go up, gu Zhiyin secretly chuckle to oneself, “Entered the court to me eventually. “Entered the court to me eventually..

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