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The 47th chapter

Did not pass how long, cocoa also woke… when cocoa wakes, see oneself all round round everybody, still include among them oneself and south palace that 2 old people that when have honeymoon less, had helped, cocoa said crackedly sentence: “South palace, I want and water… “

Say, south palace 2 went less cup water, slowly feed cocoa to drink water, the cocoa that drinks water also appears have some of mind, she southward palace shrinks in 2 little bosoms, look up next look, old person the eyes of that ferocious, resembling is a big grey wolf seeing small white hare the sort of is just as saw delicate like lunch, pull south 2 little garments place palace, said sentence: “South palace, is this? Is this??

South palace 2 what to say less, just took out testimonial of a piece of DNA, cocoa saw the recreation austral the eye questioningly, subsequently, from south palace has received DNA testimonial in 2 little hands, cocoa looks at DNA appraisal result, the tear that a glittering and translucent like pearl get rid of shows falls from eye corner, south palace the 2 backs that stroke this cocoa gently less, the hope pacifies the mood of cocoa with this, be in however at this moment, before the old person walks up, go, touch the head of cocoa, pacify: “Poppet, I am your grandfather. I am your grandfather..

Cocoa uses bright red eye, look at a respectful form of address for an old person, immediately is embracing a respectful form of address for an old person, called sound: “Grandfather. “Grandfather..

Before the son of the old person and daughter-in-law also walk up, come, said sentence: “The child, the father that I am you (mom) ah “

Wen Yan, cocoa is loose old person, adopting that pair of couples, called sound: “Father, mom. Mom..

In the meantime, south palace 2 little also followed cocoa to call sound: “Grandfather, pa, mom. Mom..

“Hey hey, ” it is dark ward very originally inside, was full of happiness immediately…

Of course, the old person is right also south 2 rare know clearly see recreation, know he is the husband of own granddaughter, the granddaughter husband that nature also is him…

————————————————————————————————————————-Time breaks up a line——————————————————————————-

Be in at this moment, the secretary comes in, tell south palace 2 little found really fierce, when, when the secretary sees there still is someone else in ward, some desire character stops again, the old person stood to say sentence, : “Say directly, here is not alien. ” the secretary is heard see Xiang Na recreation 2 little, see only south palace 2 little nod, then, secretary say: “The murderer is dew beautiful, but, she pretends to be a madam however, did Su Li to fall the prospective heir with familial evil spirit of Ai of strong and pervasive fragrance… “

Be in however at this moment, the old person said sentence: “South palace, need not apprehension is too much, she is not my granddaughter, cocoa just is, this calls those who show beautiful to must be punished severely. ” such, to finally, show what beautiful got law to punish severely, of course, also did not end…

—————————————–Picture changeover————————————————————–

Right now, we see Xiang Haohao here, of course, depend on the palace austral the move the person arteries and veins of little black talk and 2 moon’s path, natural cannot quite complete bottom, these are Hao Hao lets a person in the dark to him father that person there divulge, when hearing oneself mother to had done not have a thing, loosened immediately tone, but he was not being driven go to a hospital, because he still has a major issue,should do…

Look when us to the middle of the jail, bloody one act is being performed, beautifuling in the dew of serve a sentence, be killed bloodily…

See here, we also can understand naturally, this is a major issue that Hao Hao wants to do…

Later, revive evil spirit of Li Laxin Ai is familial and official outward bound introduced cocoa and Hao Hao, of course at this moment cocoa had restored early also…

Soon, 2 little bands wear palace south cocoa will manage a sector of an area with beautiful scenery, south palace 2 stand less hand in hand at cocoa pinnacled look to distance, as if right now so beautiful scenery was become completely foil, everything is so harmonious, so good… the tiptoe since cocoa stand on tiptoe, fu Zaina palace by the side of 2 little ear, sound is so small, taking again however lots and lots of happy situation.

“South palace, I was pregnant. I was pregnant..

When the is fond of a letter advent that accompanying cocoa at the same time, the cheek that horizon appeared to compare fat baby in the west is even red even delicate pink. Of the sun all round the reddest, red attractive in that way. Red is spreading to 4, spread half sky, one chases scumble to go down than, until became hoar. Float move is downy in the sky, transparent, crystal, wet air.

There are you in life, there am me in life, annual ring is alternant, you will be that individual that I cherish most forever——–Beautiful

PS: The heart has bright lamp, won’t get lost, can refuse dark, cowardly, have a clear state of mind, a belief that surely win, a magnanimous bosom… the heart has loophole, have bright beautiful sunshine comes in, small drink the story of a few warmth, free cool breeze seeks about a few flowers sweet white perhaps cloud. The heart has string, even if the guest goes tea is cool, still have ditty slowly noisy case, still Man Shugui spends bosom friend and melt into wine is sweet.

Here, small strong and pervasive fragrance wants to say good-bye in samite and everybody really, beautiful also be over, so long since, small strong and pervasive fragrance appreciates the support with close everybody very much, small strong and pervasive fragrance knows samite of this novel jump range is very big, but still hope everybody is close can great show sympathy, samite is small strong and pervasive fragrance a maiden work that work of the first finished also is small strong and pervasive fragrance at the same time, acknowledgment the support since you are so long and forgive, still you await patiently then, small strong and pervasive fragrance admits, small strong and pervasive fragrance is very lazy, also break occasionally more very long period of time, thank your company, on July 27, 2017 18:3The 0 end that we greeted samite together, small strong and pervasive fragrance wishs each reader can every day happy, happy, the person that student party still is like wishing those and small strong and pervasive fragrance can learn well every day up, strive for have a good result, can make greater efforts in future, the parents that lets oneself can expect many a little bit to oneself, a few less but…

Small strong and pervasive fragrance hopes to be in new language, also can gain your favour, small strong and pervasive fragrance thanks the company of each reader to support again finally, good-bye says last times in samite and you, say a truth, small strong and pervasive fragrance is true hate to part with everybody and samite, but should say good-bye really, we new language sees, (^_^ )/~~ is done obeisance to

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