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“With a ha breath out… , cannot think of really, wei Ran he… … “

“Yes, ha. Do not cross Chu Yin, does relatives by marriage know you had the thing of pregnancy, and after listening to Wei Ran to say you slept yesterday, he takes you went to a hospital, your friends worry very much for certain, you say to let them do not worry with them. You say to let them do not worry with them..

“Ah, just think, planned to say yesterday originally, was asleep too tiredly, I say with them now. I say with them now..

“Good, I go seeing chicken broth became good not, come in a little while eat. Come in a little while eat..

Colourful Mom laughs language, the Hashiji that taking that to still make grey ash only went the dog is abandoned, the kitchen went after buying good dog food.

Ji Chuyin phones Yan Yi, the Yan Yi that receives electrify sentence is afraid in mood, hastily ask her.

“Chu Yin, the doctor says is how to return a responsibility, you do not have a thing, alas fast tell me, worry about me dead. Worry about me dead..

Heart of the chant at the beginning of season slightly ache slightly, have kind of very strange feeling, like very much however. Chuckle, alleviate of purpose Yan Yi’s concern.

“You so hastily ask a question, do not give me the chance of the answer, still blame me not to tell you. Ah, yan Yi, I was pregnant, the doctor says the child 3 weeks big, it is very normal that this phase be addicted to sleeps. It is very normal that this phase be addicted to sleeps..

After Ji Chuyin says, the phone carries Yan Yi then silent for a long time, just start to talk again, acoustical sound track is worn some of silent is dumb. “Chu Yin, congratulation you. Really good, I am very happy, the chant at the beginning of us wants happiness eventually. Really good, really good… “

Eyeball of the chant at the beginning of season turns, thought a little while, feel Yan Yi’s word very afford for thought, the mouth that truly ponders asks her. “Yan Yi, am I not happy before? ” so old be together with ** all the time unfortunate blessing? How to meet? She likes ** so, he calculates is to be beside her only, she can feel very happy. Yan Yi this word, what meaning?

“If you want to look for a memory, I tell you. ” Yan Yi sound is composed come down, bringing the word export of filar silk gravity, ji Chuyin is ineffable the heartbeat is patted quickly. Do not know why, even if 10 years of days did not remember, but want to think of to want to look for a memory only, she is subliminal escape.

In the past, bear very hard? The courage that connects lay a finger on hard to her is roused do not rise.

“You follow Mu Jin of Fei of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces they say, let them do not worry about me. Wei Ran’s mom did those who eat to call me the past, was hanged first. Was hanged first..

“All right, I meet what with ** they say, you eat bit of cordial more, be pregnant with your body otherwise very can painstaking. Be pregnant with your body otherwise very can painstaking..

“Hum, knew, do obeisance to. Do obeisance to..

Ji Chuyin said to hang a phone quickly, the hand that holding a mobile phone hanged down, deep breathing several calm issueing ability. Face about comes home Mom looking for colourful wants chicken broth. The hutch of colourful Mom art either general good, after that dinner passed yesterday, she likes already deeply to go up the craft of colourful Mom.

Office of president of group of colourful family name, wei Ran looks at the alternates ceaselessly data on computer, black in face, watched the boil with rage after a few seconds, heavy retake table stood. The look is orthoptic be apart from desk two meters of distant branch managers, the blue veins on the back of hand is cruel case, the redundant expression on the face is done not have, field of gas of the whole body is cold can freeze to death person.

Manager of a few branches has some of ability to walk to chatter, eye not dare the direction of orthoptic Wei Ran, the chin with small head is stuck on wind almost.

“The sale of this month dropped 5 percent, is the person that sells a branch collectivity went on strike? Namely an employee won’t have so poor performance to nod in the job. And till now, the civil strife of colourful family name still is being passed on the net, stock market of colourful family name drops again, is the person of service had not waked up? Does the public relations ability that still says our company have only such? Does the public relations ability that still says our company have only such??

Wei Ran mood starts to talk lightly, is asing if to asking ' you ate only? ' , listen in these sectional manager ear, feeling only is to want end, everybody is gingerly, for fear that does not take care to become cannon fodder.

“3 days in, I hope all and adverse utterance about colourful family name disappears entirely. Sell an everyone sign in a contract of 3 years of above. Be too difficult? Be too difficult??

“Not… not difficult, , , ” a few people are biting a tooth to answer.

“Good, na Xin suffers from everybody. Go out, I want a result after 3 days. I want a result after 3 days..

“Yes, president. President..

After those sectional managers go out, Wei Ran watch sb go away just throws him into seat, strength is too great, seat gives out malcontent squeak. Wei Ran takes the mobile phone on the desktop, see the picture of grey ash on the mobile phone, breath of the whole body is downy a lot of. Phone a secretary, let them prepare to be mixed afternoon of company founding member meet.

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