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Land Ke Song opens Ji Chuyin, play her nose pointed cannot help laughing.

“Ask me this shadow emperor and peaceful be apt to famous singer attends this Han Tuan your wedding, regular meeting is very royal. Heard of ** to come back, I want to beat him to coming all the time, organic still meeting? Organic still meeting??

Ji Chuyin also can’ted help laughing, ** is quite hapless, a lot of people are remembering with concern to hit him. Shake one’s head laugh: “Do not have an opportunity, ** can be family background of special type military, I am afraid that you had been not hit, still calculated. The face of shadow emperor but cannot be lost at will, vermicelli made from bean starch will be sad. Vermicelli made from bean starch will be sad..

Liu Ke sees her mention nowadays ** is so natural, know she had been put down. Did not wait for him to continue what to say, ji Chuyin suddenly be enlightened: “Since our relationship is so good, I am new of advertisement case male one you also can be joined acted. Think so, the job rises after me, have an advantage more it seems that, ha. Ha..

Liu Ke plays her cerebral door, helpless laugh.

“You ah, be be all-pervasive really use, , the appearance that why sounds pretty good still nevertheless? The appearance that why sounds pretty good still nevertheless??

Liu Ke says he is happy, ji Chuyin’s characteristics, he is early with respect to accustomed. And she still can have the place that needs him, he is very happy. Still think all one’s life to be able to do stranger only previously, now such result, he is very satisfactory. The likelihood is in recreation the circle is waited for long, have some of heart ash to the affection of person and person meaning is cold, cherish the friend previously more instead.

Two people are talking a Wei Ran went, see there is flashy doubt after the Liu Ke beside Ji Chuyin, when is Chu Yin mixed is this shadow emperor so ripe? See this appearance kind of understanding long feels, taking again however scanty from feeling. This kind of mixed feeling is shown at the same time actually come, after all because of what?

This kind of doubt just shines and pass, he won’t restrict Ji Chuyin to make friend, won’t guess some of some to do not have at random more. If he wants to know, ji Chuyin can tell him, he does not have necessary chaos to want. Straight-out, it is husband and wife the most important also most the part of core, he and this Ji Chuyin happen to have the same view, won’t let misunderstand the feeling that destroys two people.

Ji Chuyin sees him when Wei Ran goes, before very flurried when the direction that tiptoe sides with a doorway all the time, tall footrest also turns to the direction of the doorway, the plan leaves at any time coming. After delay comes over later, also forgot to turn come over, maintaining sideways to side with the pose of the doorway all the time, she is very easy when so Wei Ran goes saw.

Laughing to say to Wei Ran is looked at to wait for him to approach after my husband came to Liu Ke, liu Ke looks at canthus of the chant at the beginning of season to shed shown happy look not self-consciously, in the heart very dependable. The girl that that your popular feeling 7 years ago is fond of, begin sunshine joy to rise eventually, abrupt heart gives birth to a kind I has younger sister what blossom first is glad and proud.

Wei Ran goes by the natural shoulder that pulls Ji Chuyin, look at Liu Ke to greet sb.

“Land shadow emperor, favour is met. Favour is met..

Wei Ran’s expression is courteous and civilized, easy and decent, without a bit the crisis feels in the eyes, some is full self-confidence only. Liu Ke has some of appreciation look at him, rise handholding Wei Ran extends the hand that come over. Chu Yin picks the man’s eye, eventually correct.

“Dare not become, now I also am the good friend before Chu Yin is old only. Since you came, chu Yin gives you, I still have announce, said good-bye first. Said good-bye first..

“Good. “Good..

Liu Ke hands him Wei Ran calling card, means has time to go out to chat together later. Wei Ran calm closes, put into purse before Liu Ke’s face. Liu Ke looks at his act to laugh, placed a hand to leave to Ji Chuyin.

The Wei Ran after Liu Ke goes sits on the bench that sits before Liu Ke, look at it seems that thing of it doesn’t matter, the Ji Chuyin with not quite good however look, the hand extends the forehead that felt her in the past, mood is intimate and gentle, there is a care in speech.

“What job to produce? Your complexion is not too good, the person looks spirit of it doesn’t matter. The person looks spirit of it doesn’t matter..

Ji Chuyin pulls down Wei Ran’s hand to shake one’s head, mobile bench stands by Wei Ran, tackle his small of the back next, the face buries next his wind. This is a kind of expression that lacks safe sense, wei Ran looks at her to keep silent, just stretch his hand annulus holds her in arms, did not ask again.

“Without giving thought to how, you are my wife, it is the person that should accompany me all one’s life. No matter produce what job, I can be beside you, you still have me. You still have me..

Ji Chuyin hears Wei Ran’s word, abrupt mood does not stop, the tear of boiling hot is passed through thin thin garment unlined upper garment. What Wei Ran feels wind is tepid, tightened up the strength of at hand, chin is touched in her the top of head, gently loiter loiter.

Spent for a long time, mood of the chant at the beginning of season just alleviated a bit. The efface that Wei Ran feels distressed the tear on her face, the Ji Chuyin with a pair of alarming it doesn’t matter is it seems that before looking at an eye, in the heart slightly ache slightly. She how, love to flaunt one’s superiority so, still so let popular feeling ache.

“Today’s thing, my sometime says with you again, travel? I am a bit hungry, we go having a thing. We go having a thing..

She the mood is not stable now, how can he importune her to do her not to think the thing that do, remain the same gentle laugh, pulling her to leave Kinn. When celestial bodies silvers coin to holding Wei Ran in the arms to cry in her, be in stage, leave to them all the time. Ji Chuyin did not discover him, if the appearance that Chen Yang looks at him is thought of somewhat.

Several days ago a man asks about Ji Chuyin to him these year thing, he not quite be at ease did not tell him, did not think of then the individual comes over to ask everyday. Early in the morning came today, some are strange how didn’t this meeting see, that person appears at the back of nearby sofa. The appearance of a pair of lose one’s mind, look at some to have pity on.

“How do you hide at the back of sofa? Chu Yingang goes. Want to know her thing, should ask her face to face, should have not left much further, chase return there’s still time. Chase return there’s still time..

Chen Yang says to talk in whispers, anyway I am the thing that won’t tell you Chu Yin.

The man looks at the direction of the doorway, of dejected sit on sofa. Wanted two bottles of wine to Chen Yang, not awful like mad him fill. Chen Yang looks at some fear after the event, he what is this to suffer to stimulate? But also was to sob only, did not go up persuade him. This kind of person that drown worried in dring has everyday, he won’t is in charge of every. malty sleep shut-eye, woke reality still is mixed malty before same, what is used?

** heard the full talk of Ji Chuyin and Liu Ke, heart resembling was to should mash kind of ache, hate only cannot come to heart gouge, let it do not want again blast a pain. Drink a bottle of wine before long, because drink,too suddenly some of choke is worn, grasping the cough with ceaseless goblet, the hot keenly feel in throat is transmitted, ** is paid no attention to, continue to drink at the same time coughing at the same time, final tear drivel coughed.

Self-condemned, ashamed remorses, sad, aching, be mingled with is worn ego is detested, sufferring his heart. He feels he compares an imagination so suddenly in more mix Zhang, he is right she, whats to do! He after all, harmed her much deeper! ** hand holds a head in arms, at hand strength is tightened up, hair root should be risen by him hold tight. Those who headache want crack almost, but all ache, not as good as of wind extremely one of.

** is repenting here oneself behavior, the Ji Chuyin of across and Wei Ran, also not likely has have an easy time how many. Dull dull is taking the French course before, immerse oneself in not language, each conceive worry.

Wei Ran looks at the machinery opposite side eating Ji Chuyin of the thing in dish, in the heart anxious do not know how to should do again however. Come out from Kinn bar the appearance that she is this pair of one’s mind is somewhat unhinged, very brokenhearted, attention is completely dispersive also. Wei Ran make no doubt of, if he is absent today, a person goes Ji Chuyin on the road, produce an accident possibly at any time. Think of in a way of this Wei Ran to comfort, fortunately she has prophetic vision, let him come over to receive her with respect to come to an agreement or understanding in the morning.

Just he sits now opposite Ji Chuyin, in her eye he appears nonexistent also, at the moment she looks, the whats in the eye are done not have. Wei Ran does not like this kind of sense very much, do not have existence to feel commonly as air. He previously, has been He Ceng ignored so? Although the situation is special now, but still be a heart in uncomfortable. Because of her condition, also because be ignored.

Wei Ran drops dinner service, go to take away Ji Chuyin’s tableware across, ji Chuyin is smoked tableware, manner still varies without a bit, the hand is lop continue to stay sit. Wei Ran’s helpless laugh, the hand is stroked on of Ji Chuyin hind the neck is facing the person him, fu body kissed her labellum in the past. The tongue is agile hank, a sip of beefsteak that Ji Chuyin just filled in in the mouth are eaten off by him, in swallowing an abdomen quickly.

Ji Chuyin is gotten to had answered a god to come by the sneak attack Jing of his arise suddenly, indissoluble so that look at Wei Ran, a pair of pupil are hazy. Wei Ran looks stayed a short while, labial horn small raise comes. Just want to let her have a meal well originally, now his come round. Compare the meal on the desk, or the person before is more delicate and inviting.

Wei Ran’s words again when clothe comes, ji Chuyin is thoroughly muddled. Either well having a meal? When, does she become a that when be eaten? Gut appears some are too fast, she ases if what to miss, and, when does Wei Ran walk over? How is she aware of?

Struggling to push Wei Ran, cheek of the chant at the beginning of season is aglow.

“Wei Ran, how you are abrupt such, here so much person, , , ,,

Wei Ran also knows here is public circumstance, take advantage of an opportunity sits oneself locally, have a smile on one’s face not language.

“Wife, when should having a meal, be about to have a meal well, how to always walk along a god to go? How to always walk along a god to go??

Ji Chuyin hears Wei Ran that is blackguardly do not have half minutes of incorrect word again, not by go up red face. Respond Wei Ran no longer, have a meal quietly, as if this lunch is Wei Ran, want to take ability vent one’s anger entirely. Wei Ran looks at her expression, eventually satisfactory laugh. Also begin the eats oneself lunch of leisurely, the mood also no longer so bad.

Eat lunch two people leave dining room, wei Ran pulls Ji Chuyin’s hand naturally, down street take a walk. The driver that is called up suddenly by Wei Ran after one’s death is coming his car slowly follow them, maintaining not far not close distance.

“Want to do particularly, don’t have the thing that the opportunity goes to doing all the time again however? We have the time afternoon to do today, what to want to want to do most now? What to want to want to do most now??

Ji Chuyin lowers his head to kicking the gravel of roadside, abrupt brain a blank, do not know oneself now, think the thing that do most, what be after all. Did not encounter Wei Ran previously, what she imagines the thing that goes doing, have a lot of a lot of, but that is her,want to be the same as the thing that ** is done together. Wei Ran is abrupt ask a question. She is at a loss a little, seem to had not thought, want He Weiran to do some of what thing together.

Think of here Ji Chuyin stops the movement that plays cobble, go primly beside Wei Ran. Since chose him, the thing that should do together with him later can hold her whole individual of in the future is unripe, although had not thought before, but everything, all along not late. Begin to want from now, she thinks He Weiran, her husband, the thing that does together.

“I want to camp, OK? OK??

Ji Chuyin is exploring to ask, wei Ran listens gave the uncertainty in her heart, if camping, be about outdoors pass the night. If early in the morning will go to work tomorrow, scarcely will be punctual. What is more,the rather that now is not to camp busy season, a lot of inaccuracy decide an element, going camping is not really offer well.

It is him only how be willing to part with or use, make her disappointed? This is the first issue that she considers to be done together with him, getting the perfect gift that finish certainly is. Those inaccuracy decide an element, he can let them become didymous to camp at this for, indifferent element.

“Good, set out a little while. Set out a little while..

Wei Ran laughs, of eyeful bestow favor on be addicted to and indulgent. Hit a phone to give a secretary, let her prepare camping tool and data. The Wei Ran after making a telephone call is pulling Ji Chuyin to walk into a department store, buy the clothings that should use in the evening and feed capable person. Some things secretary cannot prepare, must by their buy. Those who feed material to be able to not cause this to camp with taste is faulty, he does not think this kind happens faultily, this is the job that he wants to believe firmly now.

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