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” helpless woman ” colorless dream bamboo / , this chapter in all 1301 words, update at: 2017-03-14 18:25

Ji Ran thought of mom, be unable to bear or endure burst into tears.

Son suddenly discovered mom is crying, he is frightened muddled at a draught, he also is shedding a tear to cry accordingly: “Mom, you how? Fell ill? Does take you to go to a hospital? Does take you to go to a hospital??

Ji Ran regains consciousness at a draught come over, oneself want the place before sober face cross-eye, the son is so young still, oneself cannot frighten a son certainly, should give a son the sense of a smooth and steady sureness. Her efface tear, grin laugh: “Son, mom is to see here is too glad! Mom is to see here is too glad!!

“How still cry glad? Glad be to should laugh? ” Lie is worn the mouth, make laugh appearance.

Ji Ran is swung throw a head, pair of relaxed son say: “Son, henceforth, we should begin new life! Do we clean sanitation now how? Do we clean sanitation now how??

Son goggle at is black smooth smooth big eye, is he done really how to understand after all to return a responsibility? He indissolubles ask: “Mom, what is new life? Do father and brother also come this? Does dad ground come? I want to be together with them! I want to be together with them!!

Ji Ran one Jing, although he thought of can hate to part with elder brother and father, what she thinks however is too simple, she thinks, the son should have mom to be in only, can forget other people very quickly! She is not to think the son can forget a family member really, she just hopes the son can be happy, carefree life! She hopes he is distinguished without what with normal child.

But the son says to want to be together with them, oneself cannot give the love that they give him and joy! It is wrong that he let him be far from a family member? But oneself have no alternative really! If leave spit the son, she believes spit is met of with one one’s heart be very fond of him, caress him, can son can does be willing to part with or use leave mom? The child that does not have Mom just is the most pitiful.

Ji Ran suddenly begin hesitation adventitious, she suspects herself true err even! Can be a thing already so far, for the child in abdomen, oneself should take this step, at least oneself need not when Tan illuminate show the door, when when becoming his eyesore, a thorn in one’s flesh, just leave, such, more or less do oneself still save some of honor, the departure of unapt be a nass of bruises.

Think of this, she holds the son in the arms in the bosom: “Son, we just part with the elder brother temporarily, wait for the little brother in mom abdomen or the little sister is some growner, mom is taking you to look for an elder brother, good? Good??

“Mom, is there a little sister in your abdomen? Should I also become an elder brother? Too good! I should take her to play every day, give her what my toy become reconciled eats! ” at a draught overjoyed, forgot the elder brother that still just thinks and father.

“The son is really good, you are the man of this home after! Mom and little sister you take care of calculate on! ” discipline kissed again on the in him little face of become enamoured like that.

Ji Ran has been pregnant 3 many months, she has found a place for in C city, send that nursery school that sends so the son again, build pregnant check get stuck next alone.

Accident, the doctor that becomes B to exceed is a female doctor of more than 50 years old, look gentle, her manner is gentle, talking mood also makes what the person listens to move spy to fasten comfortable.

It is the look that sees Qing Chunke loves Jiran probably, she tells Ji Ran heart to heart actually: “Of your bosom is twin, you want special attention to increase nutrition, also want to notice safety at the same time! Where is your family? Won’t you be yourself those who come? Won’t you be yourself those who come??

Is Ji Ran does not know he is to be fond of anxious? She answers in a low voice: “The child’s father went abroad, he still does not know the thing that I am pregnant. He still does not know the thing that I am pregnant..

“So large issue, the father that how can you let the child knows? Will let family accompany you to come along next time, this can not be sportive! Lane is bad to can want to have life risk. ” doctor well-meaning suggests.

“Thank doctor! ” Ji Ran wants to tell him doctor to do not have a family member at all, another want, what to say with the family these are done? Miss try to gain her compassion? She goes back the word pharynx to the mouth, low track withers.

There are two babies accidentally in abdomen, is Ji Ran does not know is be fond of care? She gave a hospital, waiting in nursery school doorway of the son early, the edge walks along an edge to thinking, how should oneself raise 3 children, the daily life that what be faced with at the moment is him will be affected, perhaps should begin some earlier service month elder brother’s wife and baby-sitter.

Wander in her anxious when, crystal happy sound transmits: “Like that, be you really? ” as sound, her before had stood one person.

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