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” helpless woman ” colorless dream bamboo / , this chapter in all 1771 words, update at: 2017-03-03 19:12

Ji Ran says not clear excited and touch, she closely it is two children cuddle before the bosom, she thinks time stays forever only here, let oneself can defend two sons, she was not begged without place really!

The joyance that is enmeshed in He Xiaoyu meet again in her and excited in when, at this moment gatekeeper walks along total to Yuan say: “Yuan Zong, come two polices infer you. Come two polices infer you..

The person in house was heard, yuan Zong is stupefied: What does the police look for him to do? Oneself law-abiding? A few people raise a person that looks at.

Those who come in is mutual 3 people, two wear constabulary uniform, one is dress is paid attention to all over the face the Tan of anger illuminate, he saw in Ji Ran bosom small illuminate, knowing is more life or as if relieved of a heavy load, his expression is very very barpque, contradictory.

Original, he sends a son, drive to go to a company, just sat to prepare to drink a cup of coffee, received the telephone call that classmaster king teacher of the son makes: “Tan Zong, is Tan Xiaoyu what thing is fell ill or in the home? Why to go to school? Why to go to school??

Tan illuminate brows knits closely: “Won’t? I a moment ago sent the school him personally, go what does the toilet perhaps do? Go what does the toilet perhaps do??

“Toilet and playground had searched, did not see him really. ” the teacher says for certain, she knows Tan Zong’s identity of course, to this super handsome young man, and the son of the person with special status, she is all the time all the more attentively, everyday she is advertent and most is this child. If give the careless mistake of little,she knows, oneself can not eat to moving round to go, she but dare not search uneasy.

Tan illuminate suddenly the fluster that feels gutty and ineffable, he comes out to return the school again from the company hastily. See 2 people of teacher affirm again, do not have Tan Xiaoyu’s shadow really. Tan illuminate all along when anything crops up sober, expressionless checks his area teacher say: “King teacher, who do you ask the student has to see Tan Xiaoyu? Who do you ask the student has to see Tan Xiaoyu??

At this moment the teacher just thinks of: How cannot so simple him thing think of? Not be she did not think of, however she is too nervous, be afraid of the child even in case have what thing, oneself are carried do not have responsibility.

Have a say of young woman student very quickly: “Teacher, my mom sends the morning me when going to school, I see him! My mom sends the morning me when going to school, I see him!!

Tan illuminate go to her hastily in front of ask agog: “Where is he? In dry what? In dry what??

Little girl is frightened by his cold face probably, frighten so that in the future hides, look weepily to the teacher, was like oneself to encounter ghost, and teacher can drive ghost exorcise evil spirits.

Before the teacher goes up hastily, the say of with a kind and pleasant countenance: “Ai Ke heart, do not be afraid of, the Tan Xiaoyu that where sees do you tell a teacher? The Tan Xiaoyu that where sees do you tell a teacher??

The girl fears glance Tan illuminate, next shakily sound say: “In the big entrance of the school, go inside my go toing, he rapid go outside! He rapid go outside!!

Tan illuminate big Jing: The son does not attend class well, dry what to walk along outside? Of his too impatient to wait ask again: “Does somebody look for him? “Does somebody look for him??

The girl frightens some shake absently shake one’s head. Tan illuminate outside thinking of school door at a draught, have nearby photograph like the head, he is right teacher say: “Is the school the people’s police that there is in residence? Make him fast photograph those who learn school gate mouth resemble be being examined. Make him fast photograph those who learn school gate mouth resemble be being examined..

The teacher looks for a policeman hurriedly, get answer very quickly: “The child went up a taxi. “The child went up a taxi..

Know plate name fortunately, pass setbacks one time, tan Zong is informed the child very quickly from the mouth of the taxi driver went Yuan Anyan’s villa. Does he say not clear be urgent be gas? Think of oneself and Yuan Anyan are troubled by very unpleasantly, also go to the lavatory to handle affairs, he asks two policemans and he looks for a son together actually.

See a son, his heart is some more smooth and steady, see Ji Ran is holding a son in the arms to look at his surprisingly, he becomes thrusting again immediately: “Ji Ran, you are too beyond the mark, does the permission that does not pass me actually come to son belt to this? Who borrows your so great courage? Who borrows your so great courage??

An among them policeman asks frostily: “How is this to return a responsibility after all? “How is this to return a responsibility after all??

Yuan Zong sees Tan illuminate momently, already reasonable other people comes to look for a son. He plays the policeman sit down aside, how does the explanation return a responsibility after all with them.

Here, hear Tan illuminate accusatorial, ji Ran feels for a short while very grievance, he did not make clear actually its all the details, of without reason of for no reason why to blame me? She enrages angry rhetorical question path: “Had I told when you take away a son under the counter at the outset? “Had I told when you take away a son under the counter at the outset??

See she dare follow him answer back actually, perhaps be in his heart, ji Ran should resemble the kid of a docile, hold the post of him order about? He enrages so that stamp with fury: “Do you go? Dare with me clamour? The letter does not believe me to make you unripe be inferior to dead immediately, let you all one’s life regret to be done with me right! Let you all one’s life regret to be done with me right!!

Actually, ji Ran said a word to had regretted, oneself true pig brain, the son is now in his bosom, no matter produce what job, oneself should tell him, he is OK heartless, oneself how can disloyal? More what is more,the rather that he is a person that also does not agree to tell a truth forever, why do oneself want rile he?

She repents unceasingly, conceive at this moment in small illuminate the father that raises a head to look at glower to look at mom, his very grouchy shrill voice say: “Must not you treat unjustly mom! It is myself comes this, with mom a bit relation also is done not have! Do you make the grievance that mom suffers little still? Do you make the grievance that mom suffers little still??

Tan illuminate one Jing: What be Ji Ran said to the son certainly? At least to him complaint, or how can the son speak this word to come? His complexion more embarrassed, his look resembles Li Jian the heart nest of Ji Ran of same straight thrust. He one word say of gnash one’s teeth: “Do you teach him to say? “Do you teach him to say??

What Ji Ran frightens is low of a child cuddle with subliminal head closer. Small illuminate orthoptic oneself father that the look despises, where be still a child, it is the Trojan of a charge forward clearly. He earns emergence to come from mom’s bosom, taking Tong Yin to rave loudly: “Whats don’t have mom to say with me, yesterday, if uncle and you say, I was heard! I understand eventually why you always do not let me see mom, you were done so much I am sorry mom’s thing, are you afraid that I know? Are you afraid that I know??

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