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audition Tan illuminate say more fie-fie more, spit is enraged so that stamp with fury, he wants to attack really fat beat this shameless cousin, but he knows again, arrive as a child big he has not hit him, he has not fought him at all.

For be clear like that he is OK submit to humiliation, because his sound is excited some quiver: “Elder brother, like that like that so good girl, so pure, kind-hearted, beautiful, what love you again is so deep, you do not know to cherish also stopped, even harm him, don’t you feel too cruel? I cannot think of really, oneself can have so do not have a heart to do not have lung, without emotive elder brother! Do you think protect the lover that their mother and daughter just promises to do you at the outset like that like that? You are true too clumsy! Tell you, your doing, I look down upon you! I look down upon you!!

Tan illuminate be stupefied, he really so think, if otherwise he also won’t so do not put her in the eye. He is a little amazed: “Still have other reason? “Still have other reason??

The heart of spit is bleeding, the issue that he himself cannot face, today personally goes saying to listen to others, he feels some anguish are acedia, he is glaring his elder brother: “Because she loves you! “Because she loves you!!

Tan illuminate frightened jump, he cannot believe of course, what he thinks this woman is hurt by oneself all the time is too heavy, she is hated certainly appeared oneself, how can she still love herself? He is a little confused, the bottom enrages insufficient say: “Nonsense! “Nonsense!!

Before going up, Ji Ran wants to prevent spit to continue to say, spit looks at Tan however illuminate eye, tone is firm, not allow to oppugn ground say: “I do not have bullshit! You want to give medical treatment cost for her in the hospital, this had given her absolutely good impression, save in rascally hand again later issue her, she is so innocent, pay attention to feeling so again, it is to tell favour graph newspaper more, she falls in love with you at a draught! You can think well, if she is the girl of corrupt admire vanity, won’t have the opportunity that encounters you at all, because she can let me,that sees color forget justice ear of post of old father bow one’s head! My father is early to her with respect to covet 3 feet, should be to grant whatever is requested to her! But she herself would rather have a rough time endure hardships, impecunious however, resolutely from not the home was moved. She agrees yielding because she fell in love with you,you are, she is essential not position of dispute v/arc a person’s status, she thinks only even and you are together with respect to be perfectly satisfied! More what is more,the rather that what you take care of to her mother is very considerate, this is undoubted more let her be dead set fell in love with you! This is undoubted more let her be dead set fell in love with you!!

Tan illuminate some are guilty, light sarcastic method: “Did not see, can you still fabricate a story quite? Can you still fabricate a story quite??

“What I say is the true state of affairs, you also do not think: Why must she suffer all kinds of distress, an effeminate girl the look line to avoid you, bringing the mother that break down, actually the put oneself out of the way, cool detachment that disregards common people, resolutely of definitely run to the child that goes giving birth to you besides a thousand li? ” spit says more indignant more.

Tan illuminate two wander between Ji Ran and spit, is he still wants to know after all really why? Ji Ran wants to prevent spit to say again.

Spit taps the humeral head that taps her, two staring at Tan illuminate continue say: “Because she loves you, she wants to have your child only, abandon flintily in you her when, that child is she continues the motivation of subsist! Or the good man of the world is so much, why should she give birth to your child unluckily? Still be in be not allowed by you, below the condition that is recognized by you? ” the beast that spit resembles getting hurt only, he can lick him bite alone only inner pain, for the person that he loves, he has not known painful.

Tan illuminate was not persuaded so easily, be touched, he objects a little, a little satiric and sarcastic: “Should the son that she is delivered of me be an accident only? Is there still perhaps the objective of other hidden in her heart? She runs to a thousand li besides, be to always written guarantee with you is Jin Zhi of the Qin Dynasty good? Do not tell me you are come across! Have so artful thing really? Have so artful thing really??

Spit one is assured and bold with justice rises: “It is so artful! You know my pa lets me make an on-the-spot investigation then, open a branch, I pay off those who be clear about Hunan to remember the scene at that time. Small in those days illuminate still be less than 8 months, bind him in the bosom like that like that, there is wheelchair in the hand, when preparing across driveway, small illuminate a dozen suddenly holding out, afterbrain spoon bumps in like that like that on chin, the accident is abrupt, like that like that subliminal hand loosened wheelchair, you do not resemble going out to there is much risk at that time, on the driveway that does not cease in wagon flow, 3 people eye looked at this grandparent and grandchild to become the bad luck the lofty spirit of a nation below the car, my driver drives the car that as it happens leaves she is the closest at that time, what I react is fast, jump down a car take them to roadside when car horizontal stroke comes over, this ability avoided the happening of horrible disaster, at this moment I just discovered them! At this moment I just discovered them!!

Tan illuminate also say a note secretly, if gave an accident,the son that thinks of oneself are lovely is awaited in those days, oneself do not know to there still once had been a so lovely son on the world actually! Nevertheless he can not be so easy of credulous others, he as before mood is not good at, some less however artful is acerbity: “Calculate chance encounter, are you still knot legitimate child? Is this the proof that she loves me? Is this the proof that she loves me??

Spit two blood red, he wants to attack really snap the neck of this callous man, nevertheless oneself had been planted to this restrainedly degree, he presses banking fire gas to continue say: “I love like that! This you are early know, I not she once had made plan what, I love her really all everything, although he had your child, in the flesh and blood that she is then in my eye, I meet the child that goes loving her like the child that cherishs my! I fling caution to the winds to feel small even illuminate the name of settle mouth wants to let her marry me, was rejected by her! Because there are you only in her heart! From the name that she has to the child you can discover, you have in her psychology multiple! You have in her psychology multiple!!

“Can are you still together finally? And geminate still and didymous run to me this will fabricate a story, true good impression person! I am touched simply should weep bitterly! ” Tan illuminate the expression of a pair of cynical.

Spit enrages scamper lung simply, he is enraged black in facely, all over tremble, what oneself are bearing awl heart is painful said so much with him, he actually apathetic! Marble really.

Tan illuminate in a way becomes silent, very fast enigmatic: “Spit, you say what is trashy also! I still arrive without not good the room for action that allows others to raise a son for me! This is the bone blood of my Tan Jia, let alien impossibly have a hand in, you are dead still this heart! You are dead still this heart!!

Spit bites gnash one’s teeth, its Ji Ran already respecting this, place favour is held in the palm with respect to overall, the woman that loves greatly for oneself does not lose one’s own flesh and blood, for that cold-blooded the cousin can change an attitude to Ji Ran, he would rather oneself heart is certained by axe of knife cut out.

He is helpless continuity say: “Can marry with me like that like that, it is the mom because of her suddenly have to uremia, and the doctor says to be able to guard cure only. Mom lies on sickbed at that time, her only wishes can marry with me like that like that namely, the sort of circumstance, do you let like that like that how give the heart to rejects her most the ultimate dream of dear? To make mom glad to be at ease, such we married. Seeing because of mom we are together very happy, her humor became good a lot of, cooperate actively to fall in hers, the son that a respectful form of address for an old person endures me actually is born just die unruffledly after two months. The son that a respectful form of address for an old person endures me actually is born just die unruffledly after two months..

Spit has burst into tears, stating hardly as before however. Tan illuminate suddenly feel to feel distressed, because take care of mom,just be together with oneself like that like that at the outset, although oneself had not paid a formal visit personally she, he knows she is a good mother that your person respects, it is a good woman.

At the moment is he does not know to be that woman sad be still like that like that sad? Of his some pain ask: “Was her mom done not have? “Was her mom done not have??

The tear of spit falls however via ining tears already: “Yes, mom went! She gets on the hand that reachs me like that like that, she should take care of my acceptance like that like that all one’s life, should give like that like that all one’s life happy! But also know the person that loves truly like that like that is not me in my heart! What installing in her heart is you! She is calling what fudge cries in the dream even also is your name! These I do not care! Because I love her, this is enough! Her love is little illuminate, small illuminate the fate that resembles her is same, how can you claim her life? What she loves you is so deep, you how the harm of again and again of give the heart to her? You how the harm of again and again of give the heart to her??

Him Ji Ran wants to be less than these, original spit still understands her than herself, herself sometimes defect is in confused in, she does not understand herself occasionally doing, hear the word of spit, she suddenly seemed to understand oneself those absurd behavior after all why?

But the word of spit lets her today suddenly, feel oneself are too blamed really again! Actually disappoint genuinely and sincerely, duteous to oneself not the spit of 2, think of oneself to be harmed to what his heart causes, she is abashed really extremely, right now he is mixed for oneself actually the child of others, go begging oneself rival in love humblily!

Ji Ran feels suddenly 10 thousand arrows wear a heart, her heart ases if to be ground flintily to press by what thing. She also does not restrain herself again, cannot have again lose the person at loving oneself greatly at the moment! Of her hidden bitterness glance Tan illuminate, take everything into one’s own hands has the hand of spit, mournful path: “Elder brother, did not say again! Small illuminate, I did not want, we go! We go!!

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