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After dinner, after afterglow disappear fade, the gray that it is blueness turns by Bai Liangliang’s Pure Brightness between heaven and earth, appear in the room of empty lonely gutty and disturbed, be agitated is fluttering drifting, do not have the feeling of kind of lonesome chilly by the person.

Mo Ran chooses repeatedly in the clothing and other articles of daily use that he takes, wore a flatter oneself to return a pretty good dress finally, design of white bottom black circle, the circle is gotten, fine waist, wide the compact model that place, wear do an individual to her body more appear Qing Chunfen of simple but elegant is tender. The first time that this is oneself comes on the stage, she wants to leave good impression to boss and audience, she returns calculate on to be able to be there be sung for a long time.

She has some of perturbed come to bar, the boss looks her, although what she wears to appear pure and fresh and free from vulgarity, in evening show it is to want of course coquettish and haggard, in that way ability more absorbing attention of the home, he to at hand: “Take new personality to make up! “Take new personality to make up!!

Before the girl that not is taken more than 20 years old like that, the girl looks at her stunnedly, in the eye gutty and piteous, have the idea of be jealous of of a silk again, she so of unbridled look at Mo Ran, what hate old weather really is unjust, why should put all happiness on the girl body before? So miserly to oneself however? No matter be appearance or figure, if oneself have her same also with respect to be perfectly satisfied!

“Dew, the boss lets be packed to new personality, give you! ” the person that takes Mo Ran to come in is right girl say.

The girl of dew making syrup this ability removeds attention, preparation makes up things. The little hand with her delicate flesh is wiped in the ceaseless depict on Mo Ran’s face brush, ask however on the mouth: “Name calling what? A few years old? Is there 20? Is there 20??

“I call Mo Ran, firm seventeen ” think of oneself or minor, mo Ran is a little sad, oneself did not read even high school, prep let alone is yearning long already university.

See the girl before is a child really, and look seem to still have a lot of miserable with difficulties that one is reluctant to mention? The skill of the carefully watch what sb is doing and saying that show dew still calculates top-ranking. Although she is envious at the moment of the girl fine-looking, she still is having the inherent quality of person goodness, have the mentality of kind of seek novelty more.

Her sound is not like a moment ago so not close inhospitality: “Did not study? How can you go to this kind of place to come? Can what person can not stay this place! Can what person can not stay this place!!

Of Mo Ran painful was moved by hold tight again, she is a little mournful taking contented answering however: “The condition does not allow. My mom broke down, I should take care of mom, earn money even feed oneself and mom. An evening performance time is called in this short, do not delay attend mom to give money again earned, it is make the best of both worlds simply! It is make the best of both worlds simply!!

Dew shows one Jing: “Where is your father? Is there other person in the home? Is there other person in the home??

“My father dies more than 10 years, a kin is connected in the home do not have. ” Mo Ran is like suddenly just detect, oneself are the the most alone, most deplorable person on this world.

Dew is shown by when just meeting envy, begin to sympathize with before small had pity on, although she knows this is what kind of circumstance, if sing only good, be in likely still this safe dawdle, if sing good, plus fine-looking, it is very difficult to be afraid quiet in this slow-witted go down.

She begins to be anxious for the girl before, know oneself are helpless also, cannot help her, to change mood, her say: “I make syrup, you call me dew dew elder sister after, I this year 28 years old, makeup girl did 6 years in this. Later your makeup I was wrapped! What thing and dew dew elder sister say, etc bright red big violet when can fasten an elder sister that show dew to give forgot! Etc bright red big violet when can fasten an elder sister that show dew to give forgot!!

Mo Ran at a draught lively rise: “Thank the elder sister that show dew, my kin friend is done not have, I have the elder sister that show dew after. I have the elder sister that show dew after..

Had made up, dew dew is helping her change a show to take, bright red bank sleeve coatee, the concolorous wraps coxal miniskirt closely. Mo Ran stands to the front of pier glass, oneself dare not believe, is this where ferial the daughter of an eminent family in? It is clearly — it is the young lady in nocturnal inn clearly!

Bai Xi is like the two arms of lotus root, the clavicle of delicate sex appeal, the bosom of round billow is highlighted to come out by exaggerated, fine waist greets a hand to be able to be grasped like willow, strong go up below the hip that become warped, one pair slender white tender ham. This figure is returned than waxwork simply perfect.

Illuminative of a piece of course this perfect melon seeds face, bai Xi’s ruddy skin, a bright is dark pair of big eyes of clear lifelike, exquisite and chic mouth is nose, look how to resemble a work at sth with special care — exact saying should be uncanny workmanship, and it is a the world is incomparable, peerless apple-pie artwork.

Mo Ran feels exceeding to this body dress at odds: “Dew shows elder sister, this dress too expose, too that, too shy really, still change to me! Still change to me!!

“Wear this kind of dress in what this goes to work, change again also do not change give grave and cultured dress to come, ” the say that dew shows one face Jing to admire: “Mo Ran, you are even more beautiful than fairy really, true beauty died! Tell you, go to work to wear this kind of show to take in this, show end was taken off, do not have a thing, the convention is good! You should make a sacrifice for money only! Go up in the stage just about instead, gave here to not be acquainted with respect to each other, need not be afraid of! Need not be afraid of!!

Mo Ran as before cannot very natural dress this body dress appears before everybody, she grinds dillydally loiter do not agree to go out. Dew dew is early was used to this kind of circumstance, more know to want to be in only this time became long whats became nature. She pushs what hold in the arms partly to do Mo Ran to the front of show stage partly, next one rolls out her.

Mo Ran still thinks face about, dew dew places to her place a hand: “Look to be sung well on the face of grandpa Mao! Cannot be impassable with money! Cannot be impassable with money!!

Mo Ran regains consciousness at a draught come over, oneself mainest purpose is to earn money, wear what kind of what concerns again? This always more ambitious than selling kidney? More than doing Mo Baocheng the lover of that filthy fellow is close friends on a lot of! She although two legs hit a fish glue, frighten continuously all over shiver, also be forced toughen one’s scalp-brace oneself is on show stage.

Sit on the chair before the desk below full person, be this business flourishing probably? She did not notice advertisement been hittinging at the door today: The model of written characters that love song of unique belle bend sings. When she appears, the people twinkling time that perhaps haranguing in whisper to each other is silent.

All looks gather on her body like laser, unapproachable fine-looking, add plump soft beauty does not break graceful superexcellent figure again, let every those present shine at the moment! She appears like that suddenly like a absolutely beautiful rainbow, admire with respect to Jing instantly full-court.

Mo Ran dare not see the guest below as a result of insecurity, standing by the table on the right side of show stage by, sitting a super and handsome man, the man’s admiring look is examined one time on her body, the surprise that she gave him an accident — so she is compared more beautiful when seeing in the hospital colourful attractive!

This handsome man was that day just about in the hospital, want to lend Mo Ran the man that money gives her mom to hand in hospitalization expenses, this man also comes for her designedly just about today.

This man calls Tan illuminate, domestic well-known company — body home the group president of one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight. Original, he just came up against Mo Ran accidentally in the hospital that day, although by hers fine-looking and pure move, did not use the real situation however, the pretty woman that he interacts is much, move very hard his heart, he appears the day is born with fickle and essential do not believe love! Money piles waste paper namely to him.

The unfavorable situation that he sees her is really pitiful, and that pear flower is taken pluvial appearance also can make moving heart really, even if ironhearted be afraid also meet soft, more what is more,the rather that his heart is the flesh is long after all! Original meet by chance, became as transient as a fleeting cloud afterwards, can be this individual that is appearing at this moment unluckily, let him suddenly had new plan.

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