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As apologize, lunch of small lake of the Song Dynasty when ask Hang Xuan to be very popular hot pork chop.

“Outside of day north very fierce. ” Song Xiaohai is looked at say outside the window.

Real nether world gets the sky quite fierce, chinese ink lubricious black clouds is folding a caboodle to be in together of the city in the sky.

“Eat a meal what do we go working? ” Hang Xuan asks.

She did not care the weather outside. Did not attend class in the morning, do not attend class again afternoon, she feels to be necessary to let Song Xiaohai be compensated afternoon. Although do not spend money, at least wants him for company.

Small lake of this problem the Song Dynasty does not know how to reply. He still is wanting to follow afternoon king is fat play game together, if follow Hang Xuan one case,must not play. And he is done not clear outside what to still have amused, shop, have a meal, see a movie, should play had played. If going out again, no more than is last time section purpose repeats just.

This thought lets him do not have interest more to going out to play. Compare to it, the appeal of game appears all the more rises strongly.

“I also do not know, eat a meal to say again. ” Song Xiaohai says.

“How, it seems that not happy. ” eventually of the 6th feeling is sensitive, what Hang Xuan experienced Song Xiaohai at a draught is downhearted.

“Do not have, you think much ah. You think much ah..

Hang Xuan casts aside twitch one’s mouth, do not believe Song Xiaohai’s word apparently, can not know again temporarily why not happy.

End of sweet hot pork chop comes up, mood in a way of Hang Xuan is bit better, she likes to eat this Western-style food that is united in wedlock at Chinese and Western approximately, cannot have so much however nevertheless. Divide a half to give Song Xiaohai.

“I cannot eat so much. ” Song Xiaohai says.

“Be no good, eat off, so delicate food did not eat to be wasted. So delicate food did not eat to be wasted..

Small offing of the Song Dynasty shows appear to be reluctant, he was not not to eat so much meat, cannot eat however so much hot. Have a meal together with Hang Xuan every time, accompany hot be his greatest anguish.

“Cannot eat really so much. ” his iterate, and feel oneself that one already very much.

“Be no good, eat off, wasteful and disgraceful. Wasteful and disgraceful..

How doesn’t that yourself eat. The Song Dynasty grunts in small lake heart, do not have expression to come out however, it is him after all wrong and prevenient. But he still cannot help the be agitated in the heart, do not do not have interest more and more by the idea that plays to going out.

“How? ” Hang Xuan asks.

“Do not have a thing to do not have a thing, eat. Eat..

Who can think of, passed a little while, snow fell suddenly outside, it is goose feather heavy snow, and issue bigger more it seems that.

A lot of people come to the doorway, excitement and novelty are hanged on the face, although snow is common, but to this city character, see one year on a few times inaccessibly, come from the one grade student of Hainan Guangdong especially, true snowflake sees first, more excited cannot help taking skill machine to take a picture accept as a souvenir.

Song Xiaohai and Hang Xuan take downstair entrance, become very happy likewise.

Snowflake waves to go up personally in Hang Xuan, glittering and translucent and bright, it is beautiful very, she not by raise double arm, want to embrace whole sky.

“Good beauty, right incorrect, xiaohai. Xiaohai..

Song Xiaohai nods immediately, in the heart very excited. Issue so big snow, he thinks, need not go out. The thing below is very simple, need to remand Hang Xuan only dormitory, oneself can go back play game.

Then he came at a draught interest, all not happy be swept and empty.

A heavy snow comes, hang Xuan did not have the plan that go out really, shop the romantic atmosphere place that the interest of amuse oneself is built completely by snowflake is replaced.

This appearance of Hang Xuan lets Song Xiaohai feel particularly lovely.

He sends Hang Xuan, two hand are pulling a hand.

Air cooling is blown, hang Xuan cannot help shiver one.

Song Xiaohai is busy hold firmly Hang Xuan, for fear that she catchs a cold.

Of by snow foil, two people become more close at a draught.

Arrived when the dormitory is downstair, song Xiaohai leaves with Hang Xuan, hang Xuan remembers a thing suddenly.

“Xiaohai, I go tonight cafes works, did not forget to receive me. Did not forget to receive me..

This requirement is very simple, song Xiaohai glibly agreed.

On the road that can come back, hang Xuan is absent, he had a few psychogenic disorder that be impassable however.

Play game today, estimation should play very late, if receive always not quite willing, and receiving all the time before send, if do not go this,reinforce should do not have a thing.

Otherwise looks for an excuse of what.

Think a long time, how is Song Xiaohai does not know this good, abandon thinking.

Think now much trashy also, when still arriving, say again.

Two roommates in the dormitory already of in full swing worked to rise. Song Xiaohai sees into the dormitory so one act of warm blood, not by feel an upsurge of emotion, thank a sky to make intermediary secretly, fell so a seasonable heavy snow.

Song Xiaohai’s dormitory is living in all 4 people, among them 3 people are play together base friendly, still an aspire crosses what major reads a graduate student to learn bully, often bubble library.

They are mixed 3 times besides him king is fat, still have make be become greatly, just follow king is fat contrary, very thin, other sport plays to turn before those who come over, be become greatly nevertheless and king is fat having a bit is identical. They are ace of game of class of ashes of the dead, so-called piano hand, and also do not have a girlfriend.

Door sound rings, king is fat and although did not turn,become greatly first, but the eye shines, seemed to had seen close comrade-in-arms rejoin one’s unit.

King is fat the computer screen that staring at a table to go up, sedulous.

“Still came back really. ” he says, “Still think time did not come. “Still think time did not come..

Song Xiaohai feels this is in satirize this is afraid of wife, some refuse to obey.

“How be met, I say not to go, how can be she still worn. How can be she still worn..

“Do not blow can die, switch on the mobile phone rapidly, this bureau ended immediately. ” become greatly listen to no less than going to.

King fat hold back does not live make water, taking the advantage of the time that the hero dies, rise go going up toilet, see Song Xiaohai is switching on the mobile phone, and a snowflake, not by be stupefied.

“Snowed outside. ” Song Xiaohai points to toward.

King is fat go to the balcony to look outside.

“I lean, issue so big snow, when fall. When fall..

“Just fell, this you do not know, also be possible. ” Song Xiaohai says.

Become greatly hear snow, also cannot help running to the balcony to look.

“Oh, elder brother knew, ” he says to Song Xiaohai, “It is to snow so, go out not to go, just can come back so. Just can come back so..

“Which some thing. “Which some thing..

“Still do not admit. “Still do not admit..

“Did not install before brother, ” the sound with fat king is transmitted from the toilet, “With respect to you that nods sb’s past, stick up stick up the buttock, elder brother knows you can put what fart. Elder brother knows you can put what fart..

Song Xiaohai is disinclined to argue, ask: “Do today when ah. “Do today when ah..

Big didymous snow has flashy curiosity only, need not piddle, returned a seat to go up already so.

“That still is used say, follow at least same yesterday ah. ” he says.

“Arrive even so late? ” Song Xiaohai remembers smallness is to play before dawn 3 o’clock, temporarily excited sad.

King fatso is wearing a corpulent kit, go up the toilet is very convenient, come out from the toilet at this moment, still be a chalaza on trousers.

“How, occupied. ” he says.

“That, behind schedule should go to the likelihood receive my girlfriend. Behind schedule should go to the likelihood receive my girlfriend..

King is fat know Hang Xuan works in cafes, some are not willing.

“That one does not get two hours back and forth. “That one does not get two hours back and forth..

“So heavy snow day still works. ” become greatly had received a sentence.

Song Xiaohai nods.

“That, have to is received today, so big individual, it is to be in the urban district, walk along what do not lose. ” say into the proposal greatly.

Small lake of this idea the Song Dynasty a moment ago was not to do not have, just not was determined all the time.

If do not go,can receive, protect forbid meeting cold war, he is not willing to see this.

“Look, ” king is fat the look that sees Song Xiaohai kink says, “Have to talks about love, receive this to send that every day, the trouble died, you see us, much cheesier, want how to play, which resemble you. Which resemble you..

Song Xiaohai feels one has a headache. He likes Hang Xuan, profession previously when the success excited, the acceptance when still having pray good fortune is open-armed, but he likes to play game again. Both between contradict without what originally, but arrived on his body however some of extreme misery nots allow. Do not have cause ground, song Xiaohai some abhor oneself rise.

King is fat the point of view that still thinks harangue will prove him, song Xiaohai is kneaded knead brow to interrupt he, ask: “Did you have a meal? “Did you have a meal??

“Do not have, cry outside sell, should arrive immediately. ” big accepted theory or formulation.

“Which resemble you, great affection emperor, ” king is fat say, “Go out to eat with girl. “Go out to eat with girl..

Song Xiaohai pretends to be indifferent to ground laugh, do not pay attention to king fat speech in sneer at.

The system was opened, game client end is in desktop.

The one instant that nods, song Xiaohai forgot a moment ago kink, closed to remember temporarily, it is a suit heart only inside the world that is enmeshed to game.

“Do. “Do..

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