The 113rd chapter has a kind of memory to广州水磨SPA水疗 need to bury

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Inherent thing is not to have loneliness only, the dream is in distance, love is in distance, what all previous alls over life is double sufficient must pass through dreamy angle, ability considers life complete with true.

— — cunning evil spirit

Time is in elapse ceaselessly, witting without the person universal be not myth one day, how to know to leave the old practice that can one second produce without the person?

Outside the window, a noisy sound wake originally sleeping Chen Ke sleep lightly from inside sleep.

She is kneaded rub double eye, rise, of day firm daybreak, the night is about to wake up slowly in dawning dawn, the carry secretly in air is worn filar silk chilly.

Of one old early in the morning, be who is quarrelling?

Chen Ke pull open a curtain gently, it is a floor on the side of the floor that endures oneself closely to live so in, among them the lamp of a room is shining, quarrel therefrom transmits sound.

The Chen Ke that does not like to quarrel all along, see on the street somebody quarrels, won’t stop offal pace, also not of look around, she shakes her head wanting to pull a curtain, but blare that breaks a thing frightened her,jump, the eye that she opens great beauty in spite of oneself to be like water to on the side look.

The window that sees that room only did not know when to be opened, the young woman of a with hair dishevelled, of big Leng Tian also do not know cold, also do not know to obstruct oneself, do not have a woman completely this some is dignified, crying greatly crying to scatter what rip again again to a before young man, probably are they sweethearts? And then young man is holding her in the arms at the same time, be in at the same time fool what saying, what hiding a woman at the same time again is wanton rip pull.

What they say is this locality accent, chen Ke understand completely not, because emotive thing quarrels,be probably.

Chen Ke the one side that still sees the woman is coarse for the first time, also be to realise for the first time, what does former wife do to compare man investment, include to quarrel, make a noise so that seemed to forget the existence of oneself and others occasionally.

Chen Ke can’t help secretly him caution: “Do not want after oneself ” degenerate ” into her that appearance, because be in oneself dictionary, the girl should be delicate and dignified. The girl should be delicate and dignified..

Because of their affray sound is brought send a lot of people to be made a noise to wake, censure them in succession this kind of behavior, some should be today rest be made a noise to wake early in the morning by them, disposition scolds with mandarin say: “I lean, you make a noise what noisy, god-given father rests today want to sleep well shut-eye, was made a noise to wake by you however, still let do not let a family sleep? Pretty? You love to make a noise go out noisy, again noisy complain you. Again noisy complain you..

Then young woman seemed to be psyched out, hide in that man bosom to sobbing however not dare again hum, then young man is smiling to stood in window edge to apologize to break up to everybody, everybody this ability became quiet.

Chen Ke mouth sighed gently, heart path: “Where is why bother? 2 people can be many not easy thing together, why to cherish each other ” ?

See the day outside brighter and brighter also, by this one do sth over and over again, she also does not have drowsiness, she wants to clear away what break up originally, but see Ou Xiaoping had not waked, she also does not want to make a noise so early wake she, sit to go up in the bed then fold dress.

Innocently between fold arrives the coat of a pink, she can’ts help be stupefied, she also is not written down so that when she also takes this clothes.

Be the implicative cap of a pink then is medium long money coat, without too much decorations, very simple, but that soft texture, let a person feel comfortably.

That is him (Feng Wu) those who send oneself, chen Ke a calm, had folded it silently, put gently into boot, lock up next.

Probably, some things, some memory must want bury, the character is reticent originally, it is those life footmark that are recorded only, resembling is the destiny buries the foreshadowing below, it is only in calm, ability can see, then each character blooms staticly in seasonal Guang Yinan, affectionate like woman is like beautiful Yan Rong.

Clear away a thing gently in Chen Ke when, ou Xiaoping has waked, she extends extend hands or feet to say: “But, rise so early how clear away a thing, thing not much, have time anyway, do not sleep a little while more how? Do not sleep a little while more how??

Chen Ke laugh laugh say: “Do not have a thing, woke to slept to be not worn, do not have a thing to be cleared away clear away. Do not have a thing to be cleared away clear away..

Ou Xiaoping bend over says on the bed: “That also clears away mine clear away, I sleep. ” say to hide into again by the nest in.

Chen Ke shake shake one’s head, beautiful eyeball turns say: “Well good, I help you clear away, you sleep, I see you be like of late fat. I see you be like of late fat..

Ou Xiaoping listens, can’ted help jumping from the bed, run to pull her to say: “Not be, over there fat, help me quickly quickly look. Help me quickly quickly look..

Chen Ke see her that pair of nervous about, can’ted help laughing to say: “The whole body is fat, the likelihood is you latter and lazy move carelessly. The likelihood is you latter and lazy move carelessly..

Ou Xiaoping hears of: “Day, but, that this… do this do how? That this… do this do how??

Chen Ke say: “Notice motion has been met. “Notice motion has been met..

Ou Xiaoping says: “But, did not clear away, etc issue me. Etc issue me..

Chen Ke laughed secretly.

Very fast, they mix their thing want those who take to be put into respective boot.

Walk out of a sitting room, ou Yuling they child be dead, they were used to, send little baby in the school to answer shop everyday.

Chen Ke feel a bit hungry, wanting to go what does the kitchen boil, heard a mobile phone to ring in within however, she takes a room, take a mobile phone to look, it is Zhang Hui so.

She was pressed receive listen to key, zhang Hui transmitted inside grave but perceptual sound: “Small foolish girl, rise not? Rise not??

Chen Ke say: “Rose, rose early. Rose early..

Zhang Hui says: “Had eaten breakfast to do not have, hungry? I call a person to send to you. I call a person to send to you..

Chen Ke smiling to say: “Need not, have here boil, it is good that we boil a dot. It is good that we boil a dot..

Zhang Hui says suddenly slightly inside the phone: “Good! “Good!!

Hanged a phone, chen Ke face about goes, see Ou Xiaoping had carried the noodle that has boiled for: “But, will quickly eat, cool send do not go up delicious. cool send do not go up delicious..

Chen Ke laughing to go by, sat to say: “Had been boiled so quickly how? I am tasted. I am tasted..

The edge eats to say by the side of Ou Xiaoping: “Too delicious, hey hey hey, just discover my face that boil is so so delicious also. Just discover my face that boil is so so delicious also..

The Chen Ke that just ate a few stopped, one face cold-shoulders the ground to look at her to say: “This… this still calculates possible. “This… this still calculates possible..

Ou Xiaoping listens, say: “But, what makes still calculate. What makes still calculate..

Chen Ke: “Say you work enough speed ah. “Say you work enough speed ah..

Had eaten breakfast, ou Xiaoping is sitting to watch TV.

Chen Ke also sat to say: “Duckweed, still one day we are about to come home, what plan do after coming home, you have? What plan do after coming home, you have??

Ou Xiaoping says: “Do not have, go back to say again. Go back to say again..

Chen Ke nod gently.

The likelihood is to played yesterday tired, chen Ke do not want to be moved again, she says to Ou Xiaoping: “Duckweed, that also did not go today, tired. Tired..

Ou Xiaoping says: “Still say, my leg was broken quickly, I also think. I also think..

Chen Ke say gently: “Probably, mix into of the ooze in bound of this the world is worn life the five flavors, and, in life in the journey of that train, each encounter, every time is parting, total meeting involuntary discharge of urine fell that warmth that shallow laugh. Total meeting involuntary discharge of urine fell that warmth that shallow laugh..

Ou Xiaoping shakes shake one’s head, one face catchs wild appearance land to say: “My old day, came again! Feed hello, etc, let me be washed first wash ear first. Let me be washed first wash ear first..

Chen Ke one face muddled says: “Ah, for what? For what??

Ou Xiaoping with a ha bursts out laughing say: “Is that to say listen with respectful attention? “Is that to say listen with respectful attention??

Chen Ke toot toot is small the small mouth that become warped says: “You… you… you. “You… you… you..

Ou Xiaoping laugh gets be gorgeously dressed.

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